I don't want a Knight in Shining Armor

Sun, 08/13/2017 - 13:25 -- lvn4cy

I don't want a Knight in shining armor
I don't want someone who is going to "fix me"

and I am okay with that.

I need a person...ANY person...who will take me for who I am. In ANY state I am.

When you see me curled up in bed with
a pillow over my face crying

I just want you to hug me.
I just want comfortable silence
A silence that says "it will be okay"
no words.

Someone who won't say "have you taken your medications" when the going gets rough...
but instead reassures if I have taken them today.

A person that will understand that anxiety is a real thing.
not just nervousness.
"Please be on time". I will say this often.

I am sorry.

I will say sorry often.

I'm sorry.
Please bare with me.

I don't want a Knight in Shining Armor

I just want to be cared and loved for

as who I am.

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