A mother's love

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She ran with tear filled eyes and a broken heart, The rain and sorrows soaked her wet, Her story is devastating! No idea where to start, Her life is nothing but a river of regret,
I      swing and  b a n g 
Broken Harts Nineteen year old mother, Father and mother don’t love each other? Father not around, Mother crying on the ground.
As a child you were held, kissed and felt love.  You knew she cared about you and seemed like an angel sent from above.  But imagine never receiving affection. 
I'm writing this poem about my mother Jennifer Marin. She is the back bone of my life she is inspires me to be a better woman and work for what I want out of life. No matter 
It's as if I'm looking through a keyhole, the two of them silhouetted against a future bright. One looms large, admired, fedora tilted over one eye. The other?  Innocence, unaware of flaws in his hero.
I wonder if they lost an ounce of sleep Or worried if you had any food to eat Did they even shed a tear? Longing and wishing you were near   When pains of poverty rapped at the door
The Unapologetic Address By Hannah Hattie McBean Ahem-Ahem-Ahem-Ahem Skin'n and grin'nGo on and skin that grin
No Comment Running down blocks Chasing through streets Pulling off covers Ripping up sheets I went to look for my boy last night You saw him play, step high, make strides
This time of year is tough. Thinking of the loss that meant so much.Not a day goes by when she's not there.whether it's a memory, a prayer or a sad shed tear.
Mother, as I walk through the journey of life, I remember. I remember how you helped meGrow with love, truth, and honesty. I remember how you helped meChoose the right path with values, morals, and self worth. I remember how you gave medreams with
A summer’s loving look once more Hit the barren winter’s snore. An idle era of jarring waste Leave all greens to life’s distaste.  
Dear Daughter,   You have barely started your journey. So pure, so naive. You should not already know this pain.   The pain you have experienced,
You built me For This I Am GRATEFUL You Taught Me To be MYSELF I Am
Mother? Why are stars so beautiful ? Tim, they just represent all of us. They are what we are. We are their children. They’re beautiful because all they are just doing is being happy no matter what happens.
I drove six hours just to surprise you   Being spontaneous is something I never really do   I opened your door and once you saw me you squealed with joy
Why do I stay? By Tabitha Ookami Because I love you I stay Through the shouting Through the cursing
She is the sweetest kid you'd ever want to meet, 10 fingers and toes, made perfectly, arriving just when the last chip was ready to fall.
I once asked my mother   I once asked my mother to stop drinking When she asked why, I warned her of the dangers it could bring.
A rose is adored when in bloom, encouraged when unfolding,             welcomed when a bud,                         and rejected when she wilts.   We admire her beauty and bask in her sweet scent,
Our mother is angry. She rattles in her sleep. There's a burning spirit among her. Her children, taking the heat.
  my mom,mama,ma mere,my heart,my love,my life,given once to live forever
There is somthing about an infant's smile. That very first one that they've been working on a while. You start to realize the little things, and how those little things might be the big things.
It’s not a thing I couldn’t live without, but a person. The person that I will forever have a special bond with because we are one of the same.
The love a mother gives is something no one should have to miss out on. It is something all lives should cherish from now until forever.  
I come from a long line of women:Silvery, tall and silent.And after generations of:Carrying water jars on heads, carrying harvests in arms,Carrying coffees in hands, carrying babies on hips,We have come to thisBig Blue House. So my mother and I si
The stillness in the midnight air, rushes to your skin. Raising each and every hair, where do I begin?  
I am as good as I once was. Though years have come to pass. I’ve learned how to be myself, Just with a bit more sass.
The growl of a beast, is not one to disregard, it protects it's kin.
With her spine align and head held high, I knew she was a strong woman of color, like rare flower that blossoms from the soil of Eden,
            A daughter depends on her mom like a soldier depends on his men,             When she stumbles and falls, her mother is always there;             She will grasp her hand, and guide her through rough waters,
My mother gave me a CD of Selena. i left the apartment and moved to the city expecting to her her songs, so I popped the CD in and found her fans instead, Es lo queme hablaba-
Nothing means more to me than my life, Nothing means more to me than my family, Nothing means more to me than my sister, Nothing means more to me than my parents, Nothing means more to me than my father,
Give a listening ear to my thoughts that linger My eyes are wide open I'm blinded by memories in a realm of laughter   Along the trail of memories The reminder of a mother and daughter
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