You'll Know When The Stars Won't Sink !

Mother? Why are stars so beautiful ?

Tim, they just represent all of us.

They are what we are.

We are their children.

They’re beautiful because all they are just doing is being happy no matter what happens.

It’s the same reason why you’re beautiful.

Are you happy, mother?

Yes, Tim, I am, indeed, as long as you are happy, I am.


Childhood was so joyful, 

Something very unforgettable,

It meant to be happy without ever thinking too much about the negative things,

Curiosity was radiant,

But they all said Grow Up, 

Only Mother said “Be Yourself”,

But, I couldn’t cope with their pressure, 

My Pressured Change Ruined Me, 

Soon, everything in life seemed to be too extravagant, 

So extravagant, that life seemed to lose its value. 

I thought it couldn’t get worse than this.


They took Mother away ……………………………………………………………

Now, I had no soulful person in my life to guide me; she was all I had…………..

My anger made me lose,

All my morality, 

Though, all it did was give me an awakening,

The Illumination , 

It had given me a lot of pain,

But, I knew the change would come,

All I had to do was be that very me,

The very me who was happy as the stars,


A new adventure had begun, 

I was the product of what I had wanted now,

Preaching wasn’t my job, 

It’s something beings on their own had to realize.

It’d been a long time since all this change had come to place.

Sure, Mother wasn’t here anymore,

But I remember what she said about the stars……….

We are children of the stars,

I know that she’s in peace,


I am ,

And because, 

Stars are always radiant.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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