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Running down blocks

Chasing through streets

Pulling off covers

Ripping up sheets

I went to look for my boy last night

You saw him play, step high, make strides

Saw him dunking in the rain

Jumping with such promise, such purpose, such gain

His dribbling so distinct, so unique, so mystique

But when asked if you've seen him

You act like you suddenly

Forgot his strong physique

So now I'm running down blocks

Chasing through streets

Pulling off covers

Ripping up sheets


Asking questions

Solving this maze

I made him a promise

While in labor for days

Quietly whole heartedly

I declared my vows

That's why kicking down doors for him


I'll interrogate every system

Disrupt the rhythms

File down the tip

Of the sharpest prism

Objection your honor

I will not allow

My prince soon king

You seek to martyr

No way No How


So watch as I

Run down these blocks

Chase through these streets

Rip off these covers

Tear up these sheets

I ignore you naysayers

I spit out your pompous rebukes

Holding on to your falsehoods

Your Inferiority Theory I refuse

Lessons aren't lessons

If they challenge not

Lift not the minds higher

Disrupt stereotypes

Question the social norms

Expand to make innovators

Instead of hiring corrupt educators

For some have

Their own agendas

Writing on blackboards

Their own dilemmas

Using the erasers

With intent to make extinct

The smell of dust settling

Is very distinct

Like the subliminal message

Saying, "You can't be great "

I know it's your birthday

So I'm smashing your cake

He will not take the bait

For your judgement

Will not seal his fate


That's why without any apology

Not looking to be excused

Don't care if you slide over

It's the Queen,

Make way she's COMING THROUGH


She'll be..

Running down blocks

Chasing through streets

Pulling off your covers

Ripping up your sheets


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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