Memories #2

Tue, 09/30/2014 - 16:18 -- Saytiff


Give a listening ear to my thoughts that linger

My eyes are wide open

I'm blinded by memories in a realm of laughter


Along the trail of memories

The reminder of a mother and daughter

The first sight of my birth

My first day on this planet Earth


The gentle smile on my mother's face


One of joy, one of grace

I can never forget that face


I can see me in a home

A home that I've always known

These wonderful memories mingle

And teardrops fall from my eyes

Why does this all seem like a big surprise?


Our thoughts are connected

Like a pole to a fence

Now my eyes are wide open, she is not around

I can feel her presence near


She is now distance away

Memories of days spent together still linger

It is memories that I remember




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