RIP Mother

Mother, as I walk through the journey of life, I remember. I remember how you helped meGrow with love, truth, and honesty. I remember how you helped meChoose the right path with values, morals, and self worth. I remember how you gave medreams with hope and confidence. As I remember, I pray to be a mother like youTo shape my children into strong adults, full of hopes and dreams. You made me who I am todayAnd I will always remember you in life's passings for no one could touch my life as you have. Remembrance in life's passing is the truest form of love one can give, for a memory should never die and a love should live forever in the heart of another!!! A mother's love Is a gift from above. That is a wonderful treasure Kept in our hearts forever. When that loved one passes on,And it seems like all is gone, Those dear memories come to mind.A sweet moment we will find. When in pain and sadness,Look back at the gladness. For we should rejoice,That heaven got another voice. Her body may be upon this earth, But her soul is in heaven living a new birth. So be comforted when you are grieving.It is on a blessing she is receiving. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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