Empty, Numb, & Blue

I wonder if they lost an ounce of sleep

Or worried if you had any food to eat

Did they even shed a tear?

Longing and wishing you were near


When pains of poverty rapped at the door

Did they pray to offer you so much more?

Do they live with the daily shame?

Burdening you to carry their name

Haunted by the endless regret

Of their children, they sought to forget


Meanwhile, Mom stood to the side


A costly decision ignoring her pride

Admitting her imperfections in many ways

Distancing you from all the craze.

Karma persistent, steady, hard at work

The heart now numb, the mind berserk


By the loveless actions shown by all


Today I choose freedom from the mental thrall

Suckling at my heart, body, mind, and soul

Regrets may twinkle shame might flash

White knuckle through, teeth will gnash

As I quietly turn and silently pray

That you are all safe and all is okay


Hope will remain that you might find

A moment from your life’s busy grind

To call and let me hear your voice

But if you don’t...sadly that is your choice


I will be here as long as I’m blessed

Before the Lord puts me to rest

My final pray I wish you to know

Before it’s time for me to go

“I pray I could erase every single hurt

Before they lay me down in the dirt”


With Love, I leave you this bittersweet ado

Of how my heart is stained, empty, numb, and blue.

Brokenhearted by the love I will always hold for you


"Mending the Ego. The Journey Continues..."

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



A mother's final prayer to her children after they were abandoned by their fathers and her heart-wrenching decision to relinquish custody of them to a family member.

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