My Baby Cupid (Born Into Chaos)

She is the sweetest kid you'd ever want to meet, 10 fingers and toes, made perfectly, arriving just when the last chip was ready to fall. I wanted to trade everything in that God had given me, just to take my last breath, to never see light shine into my eyes upon waking up. I wanted to sit in the kingdom, but giving up would mean hell fire, I was too afraid, didn't know why I was to become a mother when I myself needed nurturing. But God makes no mistake, nothing is left flawed cause it's all how you travel through a storm. My strom came before my calm, which is my precious baby girl. I would dream of her face while she rested comfortably in my womb. She'd kick to let me know when to feed, her, or simply because she wanted to play. I fed her as healthy as I possibly could, and then she came into my life when I least expected. She is a bright rainbow after the storm, my beautiful and funny laughter after many tears. She never lets me forget how much she loves me. Never. Her mind is constantly changing in this world she is discovering, and I'm so blessed to witness it all. God has given me a gift I am forever grateful for. She didn't come with wrapping paper, she didn't come with a bow. she came at just the right moment, and I get to watch her grow. I love you baby girl.


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