This time of year is tough. Thinking of the loss that meant so much.
Not a day goes by when she's not there.
whether it's a memory, a prayer or a sad shed tear.
Sunshine in the spring, leaves in the fall. Snow on the ground. She’s there for it all.
A guardian angel always there for you, showing you strength when you are feeling blue.
The love she has given to you will never part. She’s in your mind and she is in your heart.
Sunshine and rain lets you know that she's there, she's always holding your hand whenever scared.
Live your life without regrets always cherish the moments you love the best.
She is always there, she will never part. A loving soul, she holds your heart.
All around you she is always there...that pretty robin, raindrops or the special songs once shared.
Remember her love each and every day for her love is the light guiding your way.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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