The Angel


Moreno Valley
14141 Martinque dr.
United States
42° 30' 31.0032" N, 78° 39' 33.516" W

I'm writing this poem about my mother Jennifer Marin.

She is the back bone of my life she is inspires me to be a

better woman and work for what I want out of life. No matter 

what she is there for me and even though she is my adopted

mother she doesn't see that she knows in her heart that I am her daugther.

Truly blessed to have her and to be raised by this strong Belizean woman who

maybe doesn't know how to read or write well, but knows how to love and

care for people even if they are not their own. She is such a impact on my life 

thank you mother for all the support and advice you give to me.

This poem is about: 
My family


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