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Drawn to the edge of the waterin concert with the moontides ebbing, flowing,tasting, smelling,feeling, hearing,waves of the seacrashing, salty, wet,transporting me—Inner peace.
The crashing waves upon the polished rock, The shining sun hung high up in the sky, Thoughts intertwined within the crimson clouds, Serenity and passion flow in me.
The smell of creosote reminds me of the place I live, but the salt air here reminds me of home. I see the way people change when they look. Really look.
Goodbye and thank you to the Ocean Thank you for the memories The nights of walking along the beach The waves as they crashed at our feet   Thanks for the breeze blowing wind through our hair
Long rigid legs like chopsticks Riding the seas got seasick Snapping your snout like click click You are a sandpiper, not a sandchick   
I entered the cold and windy sea To see what I could see There was something I had in mind A treasure I couldn’t find   I was searching for a crab To fit the habitat that I had
The waves crashed together in all of their glory, their chaos creating a sense of relaxation within her, She looked to the clouds as if each of them told a story. The golden rays of the sun were starting to shine,
 The sun dipped into the swelling sea, Fading into the Horizon, The beautiful glow, Tinting the water with golds and pinks, The Horizon embraced the sun.  
The ocean sets you free Your soul can be let go of Just release your pain The ocean will take it away Calmness will envelop you  
They crash against cliffs, rocks and ships. They eat away and erode the lands. They foam and toss around all that manages to get caugth in them. You can be pulled down underthe surface.
Sharp cold crashing waves. They rush over me. They drag me under. Until I reach the bottom. The ground with sand  coursely rubbing against my skin, getting into my mouth and eyes,
I'm drowning Lost in the tides Highs and lows Will I survive? Save me Pull me to shore Waves crash Neverending Let me find a break Gasping for breath Treading rough water
Who knew the waves could be so cruel? I want to understand Why are the rocks forced to become  layers of fragile sand? They crash, they charge, the World was Ours, Water scatters like it fears
bring me whipped-cream foam on top of sea-salted air don't forget the occasional delicacy from the unknown shore where other customers are waiting--   here, bring them this feather
Waves washing overhead, And I am nothing but a grain of sand Sitting aimlessly on the ocean floor.  Drowning, Just learning how to swim.
79 pages     79 pages, I swam through your gray matter 79 pages, I surfed through your white matter 79 pages, rough me up with your waves 79 pages, do what you do to my body
Some people may look and see the beach. Some people look, and they see the shore. Combers will walk as far as they can reach, But, in the end, it is something we can all explore.  
RisingBuilding higherAcending each momentExtending towards the heavensPeaking  FoldingTurning overDoubling on edgesUndecided in it's passageRevolve  LovelyCrashing waters
RisingBuilding higherAcending each momentExtending towards the heavensPeaking  FoldingTurning overDoubling on edgesUndecided in it's passageRevolve  LovelyCrashing waters
it was winter when we met   and summer when you left   maybe there’s some irony in that,   but i haven’t found it yet.   as soon as our eyes met,  
These classes are higher than stormy waves, And are taught at such a hasty pace! I know, the teacher never promised me all A’s, But will they offer very little grace!
"Just a second," the typical reassuring lie I spoke aloud I stopped more frequently than I had been walking. At first they would wait for me, But after a while it was simply no use to wait for another person
I am overwhelmed at times with a sudden wave of urgency.   A pressure builds up inside of me and leaves me with only the racing thump of my heartbeat and heaves of breath  from my crushed lungs.
Will you be my world? The moon to my ocean? Will you be my view whenever the windows open?
You can swim in my waves, but take care not to drown. Be wary of the riptide that will drag you down beneath the waves and out to sea, too far into me
From sandblast windows out I spy a flock of gulls in flight   and I yearn to coast the ocean, on a charter, strong and light.   Sail o'er the deepest trenches With a map of stars at night. 
What I've learn most about myself Is people change, for better or worse, But not me.   I seem to change but I am the same, Same personality with the same name Perhaps it's the bottles in my mind-sea
The boundless days The sun beats down The silky waves Is the sweetest sound   The creeping wind The green palm fronds The effortless sway Is the sweetest sound  
Our words will stumble from my memory, and I will not feel any emptiness When the sun's light sees her own reflection In me.  And then I will miss you no more   I will walk with quiet footsteps;
Crashing waves collideWith waves of vibrations heardBut not seen,Felt but not touched.A day without you is a day without us
Its like i want you to stay here an let my mind be at ease, but its hard to please when my heart is at need
 Silver overcast shadows reflect across dancing grey ocean waves a lone bird's solemn cry, the only sound against a symphony of silence Storm clouds gather within the recesses of the mind.
I jumped into the ocean one starry nightIn hopes that maybe you'd save meBut the waves came crashingAnd took me into their embrace,They took me to my sweet escape,Under the night sky, under the stars
Waves do stand true to your heart, And its blue refraction, true to your eyes
Retreat, regroup Wind pummels rocky water, Kinetic greets potential, Bearing down on the steadfast shore.   Prequel of froth Turbulent and tumultuous, Echoed in the susurrus of spectators,
oh, purest of unities:
Tidal waves greet me on the misty ocean shore Years have passed since I have last been here We didn't recognize each other Nor did we recognize the looming darkness  Blanketing the thick air
  Your eyes distant And as deep as the blue sea On sandy steps we watch The waves curl and break  
  The waves were my sanity The smell of the salt so crisp in the air surrounding me,  The crashing of the once so peaceful waves, The entire different world remaining under the surface  
Within the Waves of her hair, Within the Waves of her voice, Within the Waves of her tone, Within the Waves of her sound, Within the Waves of her thoughts.   
Welcome to my High School Where teachers and students mingle Where the confused kid gets all the love he can Where friends are everywhere Oh look over there That girl just got all those kisses from those guys
  I hear all the worlds probe my scars             they cant seem to get passed the "bars"                      they can't see the happy  parts 
Shattered glass isn’t always what it seems, it chips and cracks It was once one full piece, nothing could ripped away I see storms of furry waves of the crashing sea
There I sat staring As every color flew by Oceans of madness
With your eyes like the sea and your heart crashing waves you blend flawlessly with every perfection surrounding i would do anything to keep from losing you, out there among the salty breeze.
Waves of blue I always see The scene is cold and lonely here Why can't you see the good in me   I cry out to you in sweet misery  You never listen, you just see right through 
I met her by the seasideAlmost in a tranceAs sunshine shone upon herAnd skipping waves did dance.She called me with a whisperThrough the ocean air,But as I did approach her
Why do we wake up? Humans are evil . Humans are dumb. Humans can think yes. But only of what suits them best. Humans walk beside the rest of us. Forgetting they are the rest of us
I will remember these nights like the tide remembers to kiss the shoreline--
Come on baby
Theres days when I fall and can't get back up  only to find a solution for me finding my balance again 
I prayed that I was dreaming When I saw that big wave The water was not normal But as dark as a cave It was full of weird greens and reds and blacks
It's roaring Teasing shores back and forth Fading Disappearing Reappearing Picking up momentum Picking up sound It's loud Clashing Crashing Vibrating Screaming
BLOTCHES FROM A COLORFUL CANVAS   With blue the world is draped, and with its hue my soul delights, From whitewashed shores on dripping edges of roaring sounds, 
Maybe if I pretend I'm okayI will be
The negative attributes of Life hit you in waves. First, you lose control of all family affairs.
At the end of the day, when the flashback startsThe brilliant rays of the sun isall I’ll remember  
Tossed aside one too many times, Unpredictable to say the least; Breaking past barriers and lines, Like unleashing a ravening beast.   Angry and ever intensifying, Making cautious all who are near;
I walk From here to there is 
The wall of the wave comes powering forward from a small distance My heart races with beat of my stroke as I paddle into a good position
When you're little no tells you how bad things get.
Love is more than this It is as sweet as honey Smooth as gentle waves
  Surfers are different from normal people While normal people are tying down furniture  And boarding up windows Surfers are tightening their fins And waxing their boards
The day is dying And hiding beneath The city lights I’m learning That our nights are Still beautiful miles apart when the palpitations of my heart choke on their longing
Waves so gentle at day caressing the sand as it sways back and forth.
With 7 billion people in the world, it is easy to be just another face in the crowd, craving attention by being loud. We are all born with a voice deep inside of us, which can develop over time with
  Today I met a great new friend Who knew me right away. It was funny how she understood All I had to say.   She listened to my problems, She listened to my dreams.
In trying to be honest but not to open i'll just say im not  so good with words so when on that first day i put pen to paper and let my emotions speak for themselves. 
I write to expose to become to release what I've held in so long because in a poem you don't have to lie but in life sometimes you do but here with my pencil I can be honest
Waves breaking on a quiet shore Darkening drier sand once more I stand searching the horizon Breathing in, feeling enlivened I hold adventure beneath my arm Yearning to run where the big waves are
Waves crashing along the shore, All I see is more and more. They keep on moving until dawn, Flowing channels move on and on. Seeing willful water pull the soft sand, Taking it away hand in hand.  
The waves of the ocean; Overwhelming emotions Push me under the surface And bury me in the water.   But suddenly a switch turns on. Maybe it's not so hopeless after all. Pour those emotion waves
I watch her shimmer and dance from the shoreline While the sunset adorns her in gold she’s calling so sweetly, my Aquamarine For our friendship is many years old
As I went down to the pretty ocean There was a very beautiful bright sun It stood over the waves that were in motion When I danced and played I had so much fun While the sun went down we started to cook
Like the tides of time Foam clouds on emerald skies Softly kiss the sand
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