Theres days when I fall and can't get back up 

only to find a solution for me finding my balance again 

The moment when I feel all I do is mess up mistakes here and there

feeling like a totally foul,a joke 

feeling like a burglar came into my soul and took everything

my hope, my  faith, my smile and just left me with nothing 

but some how I retain all those things once again

How I've been knocked down to the bone 

but still stand up  again 

how every moment I get back up seems it won't be to long until I fall again 

How life comes in and kicks you right in the stomach with no mercy

All this stuff just keep on palling on and on like I'm some land field 

when I'm only the drop off where everything lands on me 

Everyone expecting me to rise and rise 

but it's impossible to be that strong only to break 

but I've broken and broken but I find those missing pieces 

which puts me back together 

It's like I've been picked out,dug out until a more deeper hole which keeps getting harder and more difficult for me to find a way out 

When life becomes so much more frustrating like why is all this happening to me 

all these questions but only a few answers which doesn't make any since 

Everyone like don't give up 

But people don't know how hard it is until they experience it 

I'm running and almost feel the crowd call my name the victory 

only to fall ,break,feel alone ,and cry

I give up 

but after all that I wake up to another new day 

I'm no longer in pain 

what I'm feeling is growth and the strength that I just now realized I had





I want to impact everyone's life who reads this poem

I want each and everyone out there who reads this . To know that its  ok to fall it ok to cry alone its ok to want to give up but its ALWAYS about how you get back up. I want people to understand life is a tornado and it will destroy some of the most beautiful things that use to stand before your eyes ,but you don't get to the point that you can't handle it because I know YOU CAN ,. You build that beautiful thing back to its feet . Forget all this negative words but be YOU. Each and everyone of you who don't give up i want you to say your strong and powerful because you made it .You continue to stay on you feet no matter how many times you have fallen but get up. I believe in this world and all the people who comment and who believes in themselves yourself. STRONG AND POWERFUL IS MY MOTTO TO LIFE!! 

I believe in everyone and I want you to know you are ,powerful,strong,mighty,lovable ,important to this world and to yourself. GO HEAD LOOK AT YOURSELF BECAUSE WHEN I SEE YOU I SEE STRONG AND POWERFUL HOPE I IMPACTED A LIFE ,GOD BLESS .!!!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful msg

i will say something for you to think 

its not about being strong in going through a journey, it's the journey you walk through that will give you strength


ooooooo good point ayeee that was good thanks !!!!!


This a great piece. It really shows that giving up is never a option


yesss never give up thank you for your support glad to inspire you and others .

Mafi Grey

Yes this world can produce some terrible things, but theirs a lot in life worth fighting for. Living is one of them, spend your every aching moment doing something amazing to counter the negative that dwells around us. Be powerful and strong cause it will help you make it to the next morning and look at the small things in life cause it's worth that split second of noticing it. Like the other day I saw a blue jay building a nest and I saw a grasshopper in the glass looking right at me.


Imani keep telling this world what they need to hear cause trust me it will echo throughout msg and pieces of old conversation will spread like a vuris and everyone will see who started the movement.


Man I never really shared my Poetry with people until my Friends were like whoaaa Imani. Just to hear those words make me feel that I can reach my dream and be the voice for this world

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