The Walk to the End


I walk

From here to there is 

A million waves

Tiny voices from the sea

Below my feet there is

Sturdy wood as protection

From the calls of the ocean

I walk

Around me is 

Blue sky

Enveloping me from the rest of the world

I walk

A sharp cry in my head

It is buried

Along with everything else

Deeper, deeper,

It is not there


I walk

I don't notice the beauty

What I am leaving behind

I don't see the crystal water

That never ceases

To kiss the shoreline

I walk

My feet continue forward

Without command

Another step



To the end

I walk

Higher from the ground

Gravity pulls me down

I must succumb

I walk


for everyone I know

They do not exist

They do not care

I walk

Heavier feet, downtrodden

I cannot see in front of me anymore

All I can hear is my heartbeat


Like the tick of a clock

I walk

The one consistant movement

Timed with the distant

Sound of a drumming

The clock



I walk

Closer now

I walk

The ocean is miles below me

The waves are calmer

The sky is bluer

The light is so bright

One step after the other

I walk

I reach the end of the dock

Or is it the beginning?

And I bend my knees

Letting the force of gravity take over

It is the cause of it all, really

And I jump

And that is the end.



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