The day is dying

And hiding beneath

The city lights

I’m learning

That our nights are

Still beautiful

miles apart

when the palpitations of

my heart

choke on their longing

sometimes all we need is a jump start

a little inspiration and belonging

I’m learning how

To be the creation

Of letting go

Unclench my fists and my veins

Throw me out into the current

And let me stain the waves

Turn my face from the shore

I promise I’ll be brave

Don’t you dare save


Let the undercurrent take


I’ll forget the place inside me

That says “stay” and “breath”

And I’ll learn to suffocate

With the ease

Of a waning moon

I’m still learning to dance with

Its glow inside my womb

teach me to ebb and flow

to spell love with

my whole body

from my scalp to the ends of my toes

I can ripple without

The stones

That you’re skipping from the shore

I can curl beneath the moon

The page of the book that you never tore


Something I’m still learning how to be

I see through water like agony

Have you ever wondered what the

Sky looks like

When you’re drowning slowly?


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