The Delayed Thunder of Crashing Waves

Retreat, regroup

Wind pummels rocky water,

Kinetic greets potential,

Bearing down on the steadfast shore.


Prequel of froth

Turbulent and tumultuous,

Echoed in the susurrus of spectators,

Frenzied air, frenzied water.


Closer, Faster

A muted splash,

A quiet foaming,

Rock, spray, roiling water

Bearing down upon the sho-


Moment of silence,

Bated breath,

And then...


The delayed thunder of crashing waves.



This poem is about: 
Our world



Love it, grew up on the water, reminds me of standing, watching it. Love, love it.

Check out a piece I posted called Sunrise. I also posted a companion piece on nightfall!

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