Humans Are Evil


Why do we wake up?

Humans are evil .

Humans are dumb.

Humans can think yes.

But only of what suits them best.

Humans walk beside the rest of us.

Forgetting they are the rest of us

Humans are never one of a kind.

I could click a few times

And find some one with your hobbies and likes .

Humans can be good

But will humans do any good

Would they save a life if it meant loosing something of value .

Or will they jump for a dollar as they watch you fall in a dark hole

In terror and horror .

Humans can be good

Humans can be smart .

But deep down they'll always have a dark heart


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excuse me i must say awsome job sumit it to your school litary magazen do it if those editors are like myself it will get in!



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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