Trayvon Martin

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To be black is to carry a burden To be black is to carry the world on your shouldersTo be black is to be so magical they can't fathom the fact that you're real
  Hello from the other side. A darker side of life where you are the last brown crayon to be picked in the box.
From the street sirens to the gun shots, she was there. From the morgue to the funeral she was there. All I see are dark skinned mothers having to be resilient. While the father and son are gone,
Too much is going on. Its a world full of wrongs. Can never get it right. Lift our voice,they take our life. Speak some sense , they flip the switch. Police no different from the men in the sheets.
These days, we hold gunsAt the ones we onceHeld our guns for.We give out freedomAs a broken promise.We don’t care
All I ask is to be respected, I will not be neglected, you're surprise of an uprise of people acting reckless, years of peace and protest why we still feel helpless, the leaders who promoted peace, became decease, now what does that sa
What would life be for me If I were born to another family How different could it really be? To be amongst the sea of poverty Rather then the throne of affluency How different would I see?
I find that I can’t breathe
its time for a change its time to be heard real life problems  in teens things have gotten so absurd the pain  these kids experience  every day break the chain stop the rain
Life is just a game We all seem to want to play But sadly it seems We can't all make it through the day Just look at #trayvon martin ' Bet he thought he'd make it home
Boxes Brown boxes, white boxes, pearl colored boxes Pay for the best box you can find to put your baby in To put my brother in "How dare you walk around black and living?"
*I wish Trayvon and Jordan were names I never knew.   If I could, yes I would, rewind the tape to before the bullets flew. *I’d stop and reflect on how it came to be. These teens each one - black just like me.
Zimmerman shot the gun before he could think.
I raise my fist for all races, and for all individuals who want to be more than fabric and the monetary equivalent of a shopping spree.
You are cowards. Hiding behind words of false wisdom. You are no better than  The baby killer you set free, With your twisted logic And sickening cliché irony. Why is it that when
all around the world is in havoc death tolls are getting tragic nobody wanna work together standing out like the scarlett letter with A pain in my chest  I digress this hate emanates
Two legs to walk the earth. Two arms to grasp at the clouds. Two hands to tug at your daddy's beard. Five fingers take your mommy's curls in your hand. Ten toes to stand on to reach the top of the shelf.
Black out BY: Nashon Kemp Nate Kemp Natawéj Azgrot (where all the same people stop the panic) cold like ice was his heart as the rounds went off...shots fired shots fired ...he killed him but what the man didn't know was that he had killed himself
One GUN One BULLET One SHOT Two HEADS One DECISION Already MADE Hide all LEADS This niggers DEAD 3 minutes UP two on the CLOCK add some GASHES bruises and KNOTS
For the justice of humanity. For the justice of Fong Lee. For the justice of all casualties of racial ideologies. For the killing of Trayvon Martin who had a bag of skittles
I know it is hurting you both that I am now gone. To make you feel better I want you to know I'm in Heaven, my new home. I am up here in God's hands, no need to worry
It's the year 2013 and I thought the system worked differently,  I was killed over a year ago and my killer is still free. As I walk this dark graveyard, I am filled with rage! 
You were made to protect the innocent yet the guilty go free. He died because of racism so we stand against thee. Trayvon was only seventeen and you shot him in the chest,
Dear Trayvon
Let me be the first to state that Hoodies Aren’t The Enemy. Let me be the fourteenth to reiterate that this was a different Martin but he suffered the same fate.
The beautiful thing about a voice is sometimes it speaks louder from heaven. Mr. Zimmerman, you may have taken a life, but you have also awaken the angels. We will plug in our mics.
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