Dear Trayvon

Sun, 05/19/2013 - 14:33 -- raoloko


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Dear Trayvon

I want to apologize for you being a memory in time.
A memory in time used to remind people of the atrocities that man continues to commit.
I want to apologize because you never got to see a mile of what life has to offer.
And I want to write you back to life
Removing those tears that never fade from your mothers eyes
In the 30 days since you wore that hoodie.
In the 30 days a man named Zimmerman,
Forgetting that it was only about 70 years ago
That his ancestors were persecuted for that red hair on their head
And Anne frank’s diary is nothing but sugar coated words,
Words that never show what pain and hate look like.

So someone please,
Someone please tell me why being black and male is a death sentence
Because Trayvon, my brother looks just like you when he wears a hoodie
And the fear of skittles clicking in the rain is all that’s on my mind,
And I wonder as you lay on that floor
With nothing but ice tea and skittles screaming HELP!
Trayvon did he look into your eyes?
Did he realize that you were a person not an animal?
Did he realize the life fading was a life he can never create?

Because your body lay lifeless on that floor
And he claims self-defense while you claim 5ft under
And I know that he is too indifferent to listen to what you could have been
But I want your memory to un-house him,
Keeping him 10 ft. off the ground with nothing but a bloody rope,
Haunting his very existence.
Shattering his comfort zone.
Reminding him of the life he forgot to examine
as that bullet tiptoed vicariously around your heart

Because your death was not declared natural causes
But a mass extinction of our future lawyers, presidents, doctors and fathers.
And I am sorry Descartes quest for the truth never really led to true knowledge about the colors of the rainbow.
And I am sorry you lived in a world where the color of your skin was a lottery number
the darker your skin the less you had and the harder you worked
And I don't know but only God knows why it had to be you
Because your memory struggles for the truth even though you can't move.
And I don't want to stay angry
Because you inspire me to love and live,
In the name of love and justice.
In the name of love and justice.
Because we are who we are because of the love we are given
And caring for something bigger than myself is better than living in a world
Inhaling the stench of society's lies.
And I want your memory to have the ugliest bruises and scars
To show that we have cried like engines in need of oil
and babies yearning for the milk from their mothers breast
Because mistakes make you powerful and questions make you human

Showing that we as people have learned from tragedy
And we held hands like field trips
Never making your name a cliché
A Cliché for the darkest color in rainbow.
So that when we look in the history books
And search for Trayvon martin
It will say that your memory colored this earth with bruises and scars
That cut deeper than the deepest pit in the ocean.


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