I find that I can’t breathe
As I sit back and watch this mockery
That unfolds in the country 
That promotes peace and democracy.


In school, they always told me
That America was about freedom and equality
But nowadays all I can see
Is covert lies and brutality.


In the streets, people are being slain, 
Without regards to their lives or their pain, 
Losing those rights we should ordain
To all who come to live in the American plain.


I’m tired of hearing that it’s all about color,
Like such a thing is an excuse for murder,
Whether Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, or other,
My heart still weeps for the loss of a sister or brother.


We all have the right to live our lives
Without having to fear they’ll be deprived, 
So we should be trying to strive
To love one another and stay alive.


Poetry Slam: 



Love this! It has a balance of tension/worry with hope.

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