shyheim 7/16/14


12 am

the phones ringings

put me on speaker phone

all i hear is crying

ma said shyheim is dead

the words echoed in disbelief 

he was shot hes dead 

everyones eyes full of tears 

memories racing 

what the hell is happening

7/17/14 still no words 

everything seems unreal 

he was only 16

went to the store to get something

that his gma needed and now hes dead

10:16 he was pronouned dead

no one to save my brother in law

no one in sight and no one saw

people are talking but i hear words

its like im in another word

i sleep i cry

i cry i drive 

he was supposed to come home next week

keep in mind hes only 16

as imtyping 

i still cannot understand

these things that are happening

tears still begging to fall

 i cant think of anything nothing at all

all i can say is why is this happening


pronounced dead on scene 

news paper just hearing

people talking

but no one knows 

when where why and what is happening

damn i miss you shyheim

your smile that gave me hope

you dreads your vanity 

i hate that people are saying sorry 

i miss you so much already 

R.I.P. Shyheim D. Kennedy 7/16/14

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