Blacked out


Black out BY: Nashon Kemp Nate Kemp Natawéj Azgrot (where all the same people stop the panic) cold like ice was his heart as the rounds went off...shots fired shots fired ...he killed him but what the man didn't know was that he had killed himself...tho the death was external the flame could never be innocent boy blacked out beyond the hills...somber cries lives changed forever why..cuz he wanted to play cop all was fun for one till two ended up dead one natural one spiritual an even system mislead...two gone out of this life for eternity tho here the victim still stands watching waiting for the verdict to stand true to its claim of justice for he was dealt much unfairly an indecent hand...strands if tears fall from his face no longer able to take hold to his mothers embrace...his hood tainted in his blood and stained his skittles on the floor all dis-arranged...he struggled for his freedom until his fight from him left now all he can do is watch as the court the jury tries to lay a verdict down for the soul who is left right before him...he hides behind his lies and self inflicted scares that r obvious to plain eyes...but alas the poor soul has to finally say bye as he's onward lifted up towards the great big sky...but however wats this never shall justice go amiss his scars will heal why the innocent one truly is restless and defenseless attacking his character as if he was the murderer...he's not on trial he can't even defend himself...but wats left of a body that's dead and is being picked apart integrity taken life stolen character diminished maybe he can finally rest as soon as the other soul is dealt his final cards of fate...just ...its to bad its too late...sincerely Trayvon Martin its sublime nate .... R.I.P


TRAYVON MARTIN Part 2 My Death Experience (lost loved one)


Death... What is it ? What does it mean Where do they go ...the spirits as the bodies decompose Heaven hell or somewhere else far beyond Or do they stay here on earth and be rebirthed...hold in I can't do it like this ....let me just speak what's on my mind ... Heartbreak....okay so... I was once asked where my heart was was I born heartless or did I gain it but to be honest its like I cant go on in life without this .... One more gone like a set if expiring food Bottles dropped like in drowning thinking about u ... lost thoughtless wondering confused can't forget the moments we shared yet ik ull be gone forever ... Some take it to heart me I break it down in patterns metaphors and phrases writings my life my hearts in all I write Possibly the best if the best is what u told me I was.... u told me to hang in there but it seems when it comes to hanging in only few can grasp onto it for later most try to only hold on for the now not thinking of the future...past present future to be honest to me they r all the same ...I hold on to ur memories...ours as a whole A life gone but yet an eternity has been gained with death there is always life cuz to be honest they r just all the beginning to a new thing...


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