A System Can't Fail Those It Was Never Built To Protect (An ode to Trayvon Martin)


Brown boxes, white boxes, pearl colored boxes
Pay for the best box you can find to put your baby in
To put my brother in
"How dare you walk around black and living?"
Put him in a box
Lay him to rest after his heart stopped pumping blood to the rest of his body
60 beats per minute is a resting heart rate
My brother is not resting
24 hours before the soul jumps out of the body to attend its own funeral
My brother attended his murderer's trial
And no one heard him testify
Politics of respectability now state that articles of clothing warrant a death
Since when are hoodies not socially acceptable?
Since when do you need more than a flashlight to "watch" a neighborhood?
It wasn't until July 13, 2013 that I understood why
Why black children are made to come in when street lights come on
Because it is open season on them all after sundown
Had a deer been killed in the forest by a man with no hunting license, he would have at least been fined
The world we live in
Where I, the sister, cry tears of a mother for my brother
For sons that are not mine
For a person I have not met
The world we live in
Where we are secluded to lower class neighborhoods
And when we try to better ourselves, move our families into upperclass neighborhoods
We are shot down because we don't belong
Am I not allowed in your suburb?
Am I not allowed to be successful in your America?
I thought you created integration only to prove that white is better
And black should want what white has
My brother was not the first
Nor was he the last
Not the last black child to be put down like an animal because of his skin color
Not the last black child to buy an Arizona Iced Tea
Not the last black child to want to watch the NBA All-Star Game
Not the last black child to be gunned down
Not the last dead black child to be put on trial for his own murder
He is not the last black child to not receive justice for his death
The point we miss is,
That the justice system is not a failed system
The "Just Us" system was not made to protect us, just them


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