The World in Ruins

all around the world is in havoc

death tolls are getting tragic

nobody wanna work together

standing out like the scarlett letter with


pain in my chest 

I digress

this hate


the amout of trust 

that's turned to rust

dokdo vs. takeshima

hurricane victims aint gettin FEMA

like Martin

Trayvon took the bullet

and everybody knew it

but the courts resisted 

he didnt fit the traits listed

for stop and frisk

with a black male being the most suspicious 

crisis in Egypt

blame religion as the reason

christian vs. muslim

chances of hope are getting real dim

Obama keeping quiet

not addressing everything under the horizon

interracial couples

sparking comments of trouble

be like Jergens and give ultra healing

deplete these feelings

promote world peace and understanding

it's the only way

the human race

will ever survive.


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