Too much is going on.
Its a world full of wrongs.
Can never get it right.
Lift our voice,they take our life.
Speak some sense , they flip the switch.
Police no different from the men in the sheets.
Wear a badge
Just to mask
Our recollections of the past.
I swear THEY taking us back
Just to laugh
Cause us blacks
Really thought THEY had changed.
And that the chains were released.
Why are we so naive
To those thieves who brought us here?
How we pose' to live in this world
When THEY don't want us hea'?
I swear some tragic happens every year.
While THEY sit
And watch us cry
Cause an innocent black woman just died.
But THEY face is dry
THEY hands are wet
Covered with blood
Nah..THEY hands is red.
And nothings happened yet.
He washed his hands.
He went to bed.
THey stayed up late
Cause now she's dead.
Its a hard pill to swallow when the ones who killed her
Is the ones you have to follow.
Modern day lynchin
Got us wishin
That THEY would just listen
To the cries
Mothers with tears in her eyes.
Asking why?
Why did Sandy have to die?
Where's the justice?
Oh I forgot we Black
So we can't touch it.
You mean to tell me
If I walked outside
You stopped me
I put my hands up
I still would die?
If you held my neck
And I couldn't breath
You would hold on longer
And never release?
Lie and say I was
Just another Black Girl running the streets?
Its a white world
And we're just specks in it
Serving us platters of disaster
And we just dealt with it
Doing to us what THEY've done to our ancestors
Disguising it as the government trying to help us.
Knowing damn well its white washed
Like white walls.
White hands.
Like bear claws.
Police cars.
Like grave yards.
Same words.
Same cause.
Hands behind my back.
With no cause.
Jail time.
With no calls.
Black skin.
So pain calls.
Growing up Black.
In a white world.

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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