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Though I am not repelled by Death and though his glances toy with me I’d like to stay and chat awhile With charming Eternity And though our love will not last My heart will break to leave
Do you hear the music, That once did beat from within The constant thump of the unsettled.
Dear Reflection,   When I look at you I see FEAR. I see that you DO NOT know the STRENGTH in your SOUL. You share the worry lines of POVERTY in your face. The dark eyes of SLEEPLESS nights.
I look to the sky, there’s not a cloud in sight. Our food, That was so lovingly prepared by you, Is taken from the basket and placed on the quilt.
I'm an artist, but not in the literal sense. The best I can do is draw a little stick figure while I indicate that we are all the same in the end, anyway, but that is not what my best art is.
You really think I care that you have messed up? I know about your reputation, I know about your past. And really, that doesn't change anything,  Because you are still you. And for some reason,
Have you ever started to fall? And you realize that you’re falling And you know if you don’t catch yourself soon enough; it’ll turn into crawling.
// To continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success// We all have choices in life we push ourselves until we breakdown or persevere until we reach our definition of success.
  First, you will get knocked down. You will fall short of glory at some point. Pressure will be obvious. This big, intimidating world will seem to work against you; you may be held at the mercy of others.
When life is hard, when the stress seems too much When we lose a loved one, when we need a crutch  What do we do when our worlds begin to crumble at our feet, and we feel more empty than a sea with no fish? 
Walking through life with no blinders on no tunnel vision trying to reach my goal but this world is is cold and such division much derision caught in the valley of decisions
When life gets difficult, And your cup over flows, Things go haywire, Objects explode, Theres no air, No air, No air you cant breathe, Your brain cant conceive, Wrong, Wrong,
Sometimes in life you have to go through the pain Working so hard my minds going insane This high school experience has been pretty rough Having parents that don’t love you gets really tough
Life can be compared to a ball and a hill, with a major factor being the strength of your will.   It's easy for a ball to tumble down, just sit there at the bottom for it to be found.
 Maybe She Would Be Alive Today. If I Spoke Up And Said What I Needed To Say. If I Thought Differently and Choose A Different Path. Crazy Thing Is I Didn’t Think She Would Last.
You screamed at me As the tears slowly Streamed from your eyes And you never told me why All you told me is Don't be like me baby boy Grow up and be smart So your kids won't steal toys
Pace. not back and forth, Forward. i set a pace, and amble steadily on.   there is a road stretched out before me, long, with no end in sight nor turns
I can’t stop these tears From running down my face My heart is filled with hurt From trying to endure this race
From as far  well as far as I can remember  From the cold fronts of December to the hot summers of July in everything  I've done it was to prove that I could do  anything as long as try,
-You lie through your teeth When it comes to how-are-you’s “I’m good” or “I’m okay,” Is what you’d instead say -Feeling lonely day by day Not that you weren’t alone in the first place
As the sunlight slips between my fingertipsI watch the shadows fallThey fall in lacy breaths over my skin,Making darkness and light seem so intricate
Scared. Have you ever been so scared of losing it (your Gift from God) that you'd never get that lucky break, the prize you'd win if only you could change the stakes erase the fate
oh lonely wolf, your heart is crying out for help and so you howl at the moon, venting a prayer full of angst as you don't understand the ways of the heavens so you howl even more in the mystic silence
Though you see, To find is another matter. Wanting hearts not filled overnight. The journey continues, Hope still abounds in us. A search has demanded answers, They will be owned, Oh Perseverer.
So scared and diminutive she looked craddled in that corner... completely unresponsive with short quick spasms to let us know she was still here. this could have all been avoided of course,
In some parts of me I hate it; In some parts of me it feels right. But nothing in life is peachy, Nothing in life is gray. Tough decisions and Hard changes. Easy miles, then cruel sprints;
You wake up to find that the sun is a rise, And all the while there is fear in your eyes. You don't know anything but you still wonder, What it'd be like if the winter was over. Just keep breathing,
I love falling. Tripping, Aching, Hurting my knees. I love being hurt. I adore the gnawing pain and heartache, And I revel in the feeling of loss. The words, "No, you can't!"
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