You screamed at me
As the tears slowly
Streamed from your eyes
And you never told me why

All you told me is
Don't be like me baby boy
Grow up and be smart
So your kids won't steal toys

A walking habit
A flying contradiction
You left me dying
When you were in prison

A child of the night
Soul flooding with pain
Overflowing into fights
Eyes red from the strain

Child born from the sandbox
Spirit living parallel to muck
Down the slide he was caught
He was mentally thunderstruck

Then the facade began to rust
I attempted to resist the talk
A broken necklace like our trust
You left me in the pine box

Buried alive
Barely alive
Dirt in my nails
As I climb

Buried alive
Barely alive
Dirt in my nails
As I climb

What did a child mean to you
You told me don't be afraid
But I was too used to you
Then you were taken away

Old playgrounds left in your wake
Stressed out generational swings
Much like the mood we would play
Then see what the enemy brings

Kites down with bullet holes
Too hungry with no cereal
Serial killers fill the room
Face to face with true doom

Sleeping every night
Dreaming about you
Played football all the time
Played and lived for you

You shook your head at me
Wondering how I turned out this way
All you remember is feeding me
Happy Meals, lies, and games

Disappointment you said you feel
You gave me wounds that wont heal
Sword at my throat, once a shield
Then I was thrown into the fields

My eyes are older and colder
6 year old left to the slaughter
The old you, well I adore her
You sold her off then I bought her

As a child soldier, on my knees
Begging at the steps of the city
Grabbed my gun then squeezed
If anyone dared show any pity

The priest touched me and never loved me
Used the book as an excuse to continue the abuse
Left bruises all over me, left me weak and bloody
Then I went back to my cousins room and found my tools

Tools to find a new way
Foster homes not the way
Never found a way to pray
Today was lived yesterday

Broke the latch on my casket
Master would never have it
My old rose, oh I grabbed it
Threw it down then laughed at it

I turned out just like you
No I turned out much worse
I don't see a thing in you
Take it for what it's worth

The playground is closed
It went with you long ago
My heart broke with my soul
Then was rebuilt by the crows
Followed you wherever you would go
If only you would have come to know
The ways in which I'd come to grow
Before the playground closed.


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