A Fight That's Worth It


-You lie through your teeth

When it comes to how-are-you’s

“I’m good” or “I’m okay,”

Is what you’d instead say

-Feeling lonely day by day

Not that you weren’t alone in the first place

The ache begins to amplify

As  your soul turns over to the gray side

-You begin to confuse the truth with the lies,

And lies with the truth.

You start pushing away the ones,

Who want to shoulder your burdens.

-You trip and you stumble to a point in life,

Where you just don’t care anymore.

The sadists you used to put up a brave front against,

Have turned you into a masochist.

-Days go by,

Cutting, hurting, slitting, and enduring,

You know very well, this is so messed up

But the blood and pain becomes so addictive, it’s now your drug.

-Now all that you look forward to,

Is finding a frantic route out of here.

But hey, just hold it right there.

Right there, under life’s active blare.

-Take a good look. At yourself.

The you, who’s capable of smiling in the faces of those critics.

The you, who’s gone and been back from Hell.

The you, who’s developed the guts to take all that.

-The you... who’s much stronger than others.

Take my hand, if not my advice

You’re not in this alone.

Just open your eyes to the world you think you already know.

-As spoiled as it may seem to you,

There are jewels scattered all over it

Lingering in your shadow for you to glance at,

To let you know, that they gain their strength from just that.

-When they say that The End is in fact the beginning,

Accept it from the the depth of your heart.

For it truly is and will be,

The key to your next doorknob.


Imani Sophia

A powerful piece! And it's true that a lot of people lie through their teeth saying that they're fine but in actuality they're not. It's nice to know that it's okay to say no I'm not alright just so someone can reach out their hand and help you back up. 

:) awesome piece and powerful message


Thank you, Miss Sophia. I'm glad you liked it. I feel acknowledged. (: 

Steven Elliott Caedmon Shinder

This poem is very relatable and thought-provoking. You have a real knack for choosing the right words to relay your tale.

Jessi D

Very strong poem!!


Truly beautiful. Great job!


This is a very passionate poem I can definitely this issue and topic is personal to you keep writing

toni has trauma

Incredible. You put into words what I never could, and showed that it's okay to not be okay. So many people's lives are this way, and for you to extend a helping hand is an incredible thing for you to do, taking into consideration all of those who feel so alone every day. A man who I idolize a bit once said that art is the weapon, and your art is beautiful, so thank you for sharing it.

Poet by situation-not by birth

Incredible piece..


Great poem.


Amazing poem. Seriously like it.



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