My Eternal Twilight


Born into the world as sheltered darkness,
I somehow managed to find the light,
I've been told that a battle wages on inside off me, 
And whichever side I feed will win the fight,
But the war is everlasting and neither side can ever truly be destroyed,
Just silenced a short time, leaving me tired, crushed and annoyed.

Knowing this, I had a choice,
Choose darkness or light. 
My choice was neither and instead chose a new battle to fight.
Too ashamed and unworthy to walk into the light, 
Yet never willing to be an agent of true darkness.
I’ve stood for both sides, but found a new one to harness.

I had to choose a different path. 
Not too dark that I cower in fear from the people of the light,
But not so overwhelming that I lose my true sight,
Losing the people cowering in the midst of the abyss.
Instead I must stay and use my power to face their madness.

Because of this, I have become an enigma, known by many,
But so cryptic that my nature is never completely seen by any. 
I know those in both sides and lead them to pursue the true light 
Leading them out of the depths of the shadow, 
But making sure they never that they lose their insight.
And forget those who are left behind,
Instead freeing them from the trap within their own mind.

It’s been hard, often I’ve been hurt, crushed and misused,
Other times, just plainly abused.
But won’t stop, no!
Not until I get sweet victory,
For my king gave his life, to set others free.
This untraveled road was never said to be easy,
But until I collapse, it’s the road walked by me.

So what is the name of such a path,
Standing, to lift up the wrong, but never willing to lose the fight.
It’s quite simple my friends,
Until the day I'm gone, I walk the path of never-ending twilight.

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