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The lord is my shepherd, why should I stumble?In the midst of tribulation, He holds my handsHe Protects me from my greatest adversary
Cheery as this beautiful bird of nature,Which can easily find its food.Cheerful as the bird of paradise,Which gives hope to the destitute.
Two   Always two   Just two sides   For you to choose   White or black  
The Journey Back  is an interesting one miles of walking on  tired, callused, bloodied feet. treading back over  that eroded ground.   
Ayiti, Ayiti, Ayiti, peyi dè Mati Ayiti, Ayiti, Peyi Gran Esklav Ayiti, Ayiti, Peyi Nèg Brav Yon Oazi ke zòt vle trayi.  
I cried when The Black Panther Died in Infinity War. I cried even More when Chadwick was Pronounced ‘’gone.’’ I shot my Make believe Basket into The trash can
Tell me Jesus for whom the bell tolls? For the warrior standing vigil at the LAC? Unaware of the bullet that may come Killing him but killing the dreams of his kins too Waiting for his arrival back at home in village
Frontliners Valiant, fatigued, Serving, caring, protecting. Honor and support them. Heroes.
Frontliners Valiant, fatigued, Serving, caring, protecting. Honor and support them. Heroes.
Among mankind's best—Brave, courageousHeroes who do no harmAssuaging our fearWith fellow feeling and careAmidst viral strains' stealthy swarm.Among mankind's worst—
Stuck on a phone that’s stuck to me Bombarded by images of what we should be Being told who I should follow Leaving me feeling empty and hollow I just see, I listen, and I feel
It happened all at once Like a blurry mess of moments Bubbled into one   Indistinguishable    I couldn’t stop it
There wass in that this was, in for devil in a merit war, in for my own. But that you ask in me that this could wait in me in if in what was gone back in time.
There once was a worlds, where theys, for live, were gone The home you lived in, life mild, or did you think it was Love? Justly so, or where to worlds could be, and life was but that these, were of our people, We.
This is a special day because it's Veterans Day.We celebrate because certain people fought for the USA.Veterans put their lives on the line so that we can be free.Veterans are important to you and they're important to me.
All the times you’ve made me smile, All the things you’ve done for me, I couldn’t thank you with any words, You deserve every apology. We make things so much harder, The boat is rocking,
Hero. Define the word Hero. What do you think of? Do you think of a knight in shining armor saving the girl? Hero? Do you think of people with superpowers flying in and saving the day? Hero?
Sleepless justice Leaps into action Exciting Energy Powerful Weird Alien Lac Knockout hero
Daring Anti-hero Rough around the edges Excellent fighter Devilish Edgey Valorous Intelligent
Eden was never a symbol of perfection Aphrodite was never a symbol of love Love to the Greeks meant madness, meant that someone had fallen too far  
This is the story of those who ride the sun.   They end very old and start off very young.   They have kind eyes to see,   ears to listen,   and voices to sing.  
How would it feel if you put your bloodsweatandtears into advancing the world And no one knew your name No one knew how hard you tried
Good and bad. Where is the line drawn. What differentiates the good from the bad. We all sin, make mistakes, and chose the wrong paths Yet we are still good. What crosses the line to make us bad?
I stand out in the cornfield, alone among strangers Useless to the farmer who waters and feeds me The plot of land I sit in, is shaded by the accomplishments of those around me   Proud is the farmer
I am the better side of darkness and the dim side of light. I didn’t KNOW my blackened heart had a sense of what was right.
Heroes. He used to think that heroes fought dragons, And freed damsels in distress. He used to think that heroes wore shining armor, And had broadswords and spears. Then his brother went to war,
heroes. we used to believe we could see them everywhere, 
He fights through night and day.
The mind it worries And always hurries To dream up scenarios  In which it needs heroes. 
Hero? What is a hero? A celebrity who made it big off of their looks or talent? An imaginary person who has superhuman strength or can shoot webs out of their hands? These are the idolized heroes most people would think of. Not me.
My dream job is unrealistic. It will always and forever be. My dream job is to open eyes And help others learn to see.   I've always wanted to be a superhero. I wanted to change the world.
Give me a hero and I'll show you his sin. Show me a victor,  I'll explain why he can't win. Present a success, And I'll unveil the flaws. Show me innocence, And you'll be scratched with hidden claws.
To help save a life tears are shed all good and bad, so many different sizes all of the utmost importance;
It's great to stop caring.It's nice to not cry.The people in the world,Who I have to leave behind. I'm a human grenade.A plane with no wheel.A hobo in the rain,and a no next meal.
Do not give in, keep up the fight when all hope is far away gone bring the bigger dream to sight.   Press on, do not go into the light do not be wooed by the angel's song
Don't ever give up. Where would we be if Abraham Lincoln didn't end slavery, fixing humanity as if it's a broken cup?
Heroes Heroes don’t have to have “super powers.”
Ode to the Fearless The people who trample fear on the ground.   Ode to the Warriors Whose fights never end Their swords stained
People go on and on About heroes and their greatness. But they aren’t the real hero Not in my eyes. A real hero won’t be found As the everyday superhero. The true hero is the one
Soldier Who Soldier who trains all day and night And counts the days until departure who is conditioned and unyielding who is a dog tag and bayonet whose hair is always shaved
Calm migraine, the sweet pounding; joyfully insane, tranquil death.   Questions thicken the air, a warzone. Up above, down below a warzone. The field of grass so fair--,
  Time rewind my past tracks,  As I hurtle towards the future.   I feel the need to fix the beat, When I cannot refuse it.   Limitations are a key confliction, Being quiet restricting,
Ashes fall down; coating the battlefield. Injuries were inflicted here; never to be healed. Tears descend like rain; illustrating endless sorrow. So many lost; some today, more tomorrow.  
Nothing was simple, not even before.  Unanswered questions appeared at the door. For months nothing seemed to make sense anymore.  But we sang about peace, just like children.
Sweat pours down bodies in streams, Blood is caked between the toes of feet, Of the men chosen for honor redeemed.   Swords doused in red ink, Shields reflecting the suns gleam, Cry out your call,
Hiding the imperfections of the night, the moonlight sprinkles itself as salt through the night sky, adding savor everywhere it touches, concealing the dark spots and wrinkles besetted upon the surface of the night.
Long ago in the old folk’s place A boy with innocence on his face Came to knock on the gated door   The man behind it saw a child there With blue eyes and mussed blonde hair
My problems are on the rise like the bubbles in an aged bottle of champagne A myriad of curses, issues, and a cacophony of damn pain. Gluttonous consumption of pain and other drugs and chemicals
No such thing as heroes No one to save you this time When you fall no one is going to catch you this time When you jump You are going to have to learn how to fly
My Heroes Wear Spandex! A Poem By: Joey Palluconi As you may already know heroes can come in all shapes And some even wear capes Some carry badges and guns Others leave our hearts stunned
Oh how I miss your warm smile Oh how I miss your strong arms wrapped around me tight Oh how I miss your throaty laugh Oh how I miss your tired old weary eyes
Crowding the streets Boycotting the bus Any action that could draw attention to us We will do it rushed To try and budge out of this rut
up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane no, its the weedman with a philly blunt in his mouth need to take your heroism to the south bury where no one will remember your legacy
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