It's great to stop caring.

It's great to stop caring.
It's nice to not cry.
The people in the world,
Who I have to leave behind.

I'm a human grenade.
A plane with no wheel.
A hobo in the rain,
and a no next meal.

I'm not too alone,
so not to worry.
The hospital walls keep me company.

I mean, they don't say much,
But at least they're there.
The lights give me life,
The plants give me air.

The clock on the wall has
his seconds ticking by,
With their hands reaching out.
As far as they try.

My body gets tired.
And I start to cough.
My vision gets blurry,
As I start to doze off.

Will I see tomorrow?
What would I do?
Well, whatever it is,
I have one clue.


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