The Daughter of a Hero


United States
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Oh how I miss your warm smile
Oh how I miss your strong arms wrapped around me tight
Oh how I miss your throaty laugh
Oh how I miss your tired old weary eyes
Oh how I miss the way you still made time for me after those long hour days
Oh how I miss you telling that you love me each and every night
Oh how I miss seeing you each and everyday
Oh how I miss you picking me up every time I fall
And wiping away my tears and telling me everything will be all right
Oh how I even miss you scolding me when I was wrong and
How I will miss telling you I was wrong when it came to a high school boy
Oh and how will I miss you seeing me go to the high school dance and
You seeing me in my wedding dress.
But most of all I miss you.
I hate the fact that we both missed out but I know you had to go
For you saved a life the day you left me
And even though you are gone I know you are still here
Watching over me and keeping me save because you love me
And I know that because the life you saved was mine and
Everyone else.


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