My Heroes Wear Spandex


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My Heroes Wear Spandex!
A Poem By: Joey Palluconi

As you may already know heroes can come in all shapes
And some even wear capes

Some carry badges and guns
Others leave our hearts stunned

Some leap off of pages and others set their stages
Well to your surprise my heroes wear spandex and fight monsters from nightmarish cages

They transform in an intense fashion and enter the heat of battle with passion

They fight the monsters of our fears so that we may still be with our peers

They carry outrageous weapons to match their powerful spirit
So that they may face the gates of death even though others may fear it

With the powers of magic or science they fight for us with all their hearts
In the end they always get their man in an exciting giant monster fights throughout the worlds many parts

These heroes are of course fictional but to me they are nothing of the sort
So what if they defy the barriers of realties impenetrable fort

No matter what has been set
They are never ending heroes that I am glad to have met

They are my heroes because under it all they have the will to fight
They hold on tight and never let go of what is right
No matter how strange a battle gets the villains will never escape they’re might

They have taught me much and even though their war is so strange
In my heart I know that they will never change

They learn and grow and become the heroes that we all want to be
So I hope that you all can see

My heroes wear spandex and I’m glad to be their fan because all heroes do what they can

I hope that you know that it doesn’t matter who your heroes are
Even if they are “just” a T.V. Star

As long as they show you all that you can be well then my friend you have the key to all that can see.

This poem is dedicated to All Tokusatsu T.V. shows including Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes and More. Thank you for giving me both an outlet and some of the greatest ideas that have ever come into my head.


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