Hero? What is a hero? A celebrity who made it big off of their looks or talent? An imaginary person who has superhuman strength or can shoot webs out of their hands? These are the idolized heroes most people would think of. Not me.

Listen to this. Hear my views. Heroes are real life people. Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, children. War vets that risked their lives to save our freedom. People with physical or mental disabilities that never let those disabilities stand in their way.

My cousin; one hero of mine. At 18 years old has been through way too much. Surgeries left and right since birth, unable to walk without crutches, has a metal pole keeping his spine straight; yet he still follows his dreams.

He goes to a high school like any other kid and participates in extracurricular activities. As a child he played baseball. He plays in the school band now. He wants to go to college; wants a career; wants to be successful. Nothing will stand in his way. He has the heart of a champion.

My grandfather; a navy veteran. He never really talked about his experiences on the ships he went out to sea on; wanted to save our worries. Gave what could have been his life to protect people he didn't even know all around the country.

Numerous ships shot out from under him and yet he still kept going. Why? Because he loved knowing that he was helping others, even if he had never, or would never, meet them. So much courage and strength to do what he did. Lived to tell, or keep to himself, his stories until the age of 91. RIP to this hero!

My sons; aged 1 month and 2 years. The reason I try so hard at all I do. Without them, I wouldn't have a reason to push myself. My encouragement every day and my reason to wake up in the morning. How are they my heroes one may ask; because I would not be where I am at in life without them.

I dead end job not trying to better myself. I may have fallen into bad habits; started hanging out with the wrong crowd; maybe even be dead. They saved me from what could have been a life of wrong-doings.

Hebrew aren't always who one would typically think. Real life heroes can be found anywhere. Look around. Who do you see? What have they done in their life? Will you ever know? Does the possibility of the amazing things they may have done want you to better yourself?  Yes or no?


Out there somewhere there is someone that looks up to them. There is someone that wants to be like them. They are someone's hero. I could be someone's hero. YOU can be someone's hero. Think about that before you take any course of action. Think about how you may be affecting someone else's life.

Will you try to do the right thing? Will you be someone's hero?



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