womens rights

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If I went back in time To steal his favorite toy The boy Might think I did him wrong Might think What a bitch she is for taking what's mine Find my favorite toy
Mama I'm scared Not of the dark nor the monsters under the bed No I'm scared of the monsters in the buildings pulling strings like we're their puppets Mama I'm scared I'm scared for women who came before me
It was 1921 when women stood strong They held their heads high To fight against past wrongs Those brave heroes paved way for today Allowing young girls the chance
When I was 9, my parents separated, to be divorced 4 years later after strung out custody hearings and he said/she said bullshit in avoidance of signing one simple document.For the entire month of May that year, I did not see my mother.
S e l f  d o u b t  d r i v e s  h u m a n i t y  t o  i r r a t i o n a l  b e h a v i o r.  
First of all you dont even know me. I live so many different lives That you can’t see inside Of me anymore. I am not a girl, I am a woman,
Let’s go back to times of peace.  Times when women didn’t have to fear walking alone in the dark just to go home, And children didn’t have to fear their lives while learning how to read and do math, 
Don't pretend to sympathize when we can see the greed in your eyes. You say one thing, turn around and say another. All you speak is lies. A child constantly arguing who is right he's never wrong.
Dear Artemisia,   When you were a teenager, You were raped by your tutor, A friend of your fathers. When you were a young adult, Your father sued your rapist, For destruction of property,
you see here theres so much to give with love weather its trust, beauty, or knowledge, its all coming from the one above you meet that man and you just really want to live you meet that woman, and all you wanna do is give
He told me I was “pretty” as he brushed my bangs back. He told me I should be “his” as he wrapped his arm around me tightly.   Cute, right?  
"Just say no" It's not that easy When someone pressures you Hurts you until you do what they want "Selfish little slut, you never share" The names the scream into your face is too hard to handle Slut
Look at me up and down as You lick your tainted hungry lips Does my meat not appeal to you? Does my pale skin not make your mouth salivate? As I put my body on display for you to 
Once upon a time She glided along the castle floors Cold hard marble against her warm soft feet She lived but yet she was not alive  
What a wonderful world don't you see Where I have all these restraints on me I am told with whom I can and cannot lye And how I am born is how I must die   Isn't it a wonderful country you see
Once upon a time There lived a girl in the depths of Nacogdoches Dirty blonde hair and teeth with holes She smelled of an ash tray Death Her skin tainted as if she worked the furnace room
America made me, half believing in my dreams half knowing I would have to fight for my life battling the words meant to kill me, giants spitting words 
We claim to be the best but we can't even love. All I see when I walk down the street is hate. When I see the bold red hat I am disgusted. America is not so great.  
Red lipstick. Red nails. Red dress. Pearl necklace. Perfectly still; and deafeningly silent. What a beautiful sticky mess.
Oh, heartbreak in Autumn Seeking comfort in the leaves that have fallen It was the end of my universe Watching trees and the wind converse My tears slowly came to halt No longer could I taste trouble and salt
They give us a limit. They say, "Go far, but not too far." They say, "Go big, but not too big." They say you can only do so much. They say slow down, nows not the time. They say watch your limits.
  As her mother and father sent her off to bed Little did she know what came to led A 13-year-old girl should be out playing with a friend But instead this is her end A marriage she never wanted
What did I do? I left the house early and looked down when I passed a mirror. What did I do? I saw a man and walked around to clear his path.
How can I focus How can I think of anything When all I want to do is think of you you you the feel of you in a t-shirt pressed against my chest Holding me close
I am at war. A constant battle against myself, against my mind, body and soul. Longing to find the pieces of me I once could control.   My mind was once a garden flourishing with depth.
People see my gifts and abilities, And they say,"Consider yourself lucky." They tell me I'm lucky, Because I believe in a God that tells me I' free, I'm born into a family of white priority,
John Dominique once said, “You cannot kill truth. You cannot kill justice.
I am beyond forgettingForgetting about loveLossOr any other emotion or feeling.I am beyond forgettingForgetting who I amTrulyOr who I was.I am beyond forgetting
She feels them staring at her. The energy it gives off Makes her want to jump out of her skin.
being a te
  Words have a power only few comprehend,
The school dress code states: Girls may not wear shirts without sleeves Girls may not wear shorts that do not extend past fingertip length Girls may not have shirts that dip down the width of her hand from her neck
Unequal pay, Long hours durring the day, Sexual harassment in the office, Why do we deserve to be treated this way? She doesn't work as hard as the others her they say,
we are taught to remove our individuality because no one likes a weirdo
I have suffered, I have felt my heart beat against my chest trying to escape its pain. I have felt it's screams resonnating in my bones. I've watched my loved ones walk away. They didnt see my tears.
i hear you call the word in the halland my head jerks up only to seea friend hugged you from the back in the hall.you cry wolf and iwas devoured by canine mandibles.
You are not a shark:a woman does not attract you likeblood in water.You do not exist to fill the roleof predator.Your kind, if so suitable to law make, legislate, mandate,
Are you a man? No one cares. You are just a man. Are you joining the military? No one cares. You are just a man. Are you depressed? No one cares. You are just a man. Were you laid off?
How was I to know? I never learned what would happen. I was told that if I did not do it, I would not need to know the rest. How could I have suspected, that there was poison in my drink
What am I to you? Don't I cry and hurt like you? Don't I feel like you? Aren't I someone who aspires?   Or   Am I just what you own? Am I what you disregard?
We are half of our planet's population. With a world wide desicion, we could stop new human creation. We are your mothers, daughters, wives and sisters. 
  Her voice becomes unclear. Are these expressions of pleasure Or pain? She winces and looks for something to hold on to, Something to brace the defilement between her thighs, The gaping wet wound,
I hate it When people look at me And only see Things they hope And dream just for me.
"Just hanging out with a friend, Honey” he said, with his back turned to us as he spoke lovingly to his wife who sat miles away, on that set of islands we call our Motherland, on the other end of the phone line.
I have a gender. I was born a woman therefore I have fear. I have fear. I am taught at a young age to fear the monsters that come out at night.
At a young age, maybe seven, I had a connection with the main character of a children's cartoon show, Dexter's Laboratory; both he and I enjoyed the thrill of invention.
To be a Man in this day and Age is the equivalent of being given natural Opportunity If you're born a Woman You're automatically born into the Oppressed It isn't your fault It isn't your parents' faults
when we say No most others consider it an Invite when we push Away they all thing we are Pulling when we Refuse they ignore our Words when we voice our Rights they call us Names
He didn't even know me. he passed me by like a river's torrent smoothly, he grumbled, "Nice shirt FAG!"
Guns don’t kill people People kill people People with guns kill people People for fun kill people People with psychotic dispositions kill people People with the wrong mental composition kill people
"Freedom for women!" they shout These feminists few But how can they not see that she's a feminist, too? So many spaces are unsafe black children are shot little girls are raped young women are beaten
In my belly lies a body A body that breathes Every breath Inhale Exhale A breath that yearns for life A life that yearns to breathe Wondering What kind of person will I be?
Inside it controls. Inside rage. Inside pain. Inside bursts of tears. Silence. It hides in the chaos-filled voices that live in life. See the girl who sits and cries.
She needs protection. She is just weaker. This is a man’s world. His ego is the leader. He believes he’s in charge. Speaking of his tyrant wisdom, He gives orders at large.
I will not. No more yes dears, no more "Of course honey"s, No more martinis and foot massages.
Boss me around all day, But don't you think I should have my say? So what if you are male and I am not? We also have minds, thoughts, and dreams we have sought. I am disgusted by the way you degrade me
I want a boyfriend but I also want feminism Does that make me so awful? Does it make me any less of the woman that I am? Does it make me wrong? No.
I got Cali on my mind My hearts not so far behind But everyone I come across tries to steal my light I don't know what I must have done To drive em all to fight To use harsh words against my dreams
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