Dress Code


The school dress code states:

Girls may not wear shirts without sleeves

Girls may not wear shorts that do not extend past fingertip length

Girls may not have shirts that dip down the width of her hand from her neck

That boys may wear whatever they want so long as it isn’t obscene


“Why all these restrictions on girls”, I ask?

“Because it distracts the boys”, they respond

For what are we but a society

Told that it is the woman’s responsibility to act and dress

So the men don’t have to control their behavior


For everyone knows that if a man harasses a woman

She must have done something wrong

She was wearing too much makeup – tramp

She wasn’t wearing enough clothing – tease

She isn’t as pure as fresh fallen snow – slut

She was drunk – irresponsible


But what about the man?

For if he wrongs her and she fights back

The world cries out it is an outrage

That the boy did no wrong


We must teach our boys

To become men

Men who realize

Their actions have consequences


Let’s start teaching these boys

In the most appropriate of places




I love how true this is 



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