Born For Society

I was born a girl, I was born black. 

I was born to be someone I'm not.
I was told I must fit within society's coloring book by staying in the lines. 
Never to color outside,because that is wrong. 
I was told liking girls is wrong but liking guys is alright.
That walking alone at night,and feeling someone watching me is normal. 
That fear of abuse,of rape,of death,is normal. 
That my spouse may hit me,may hurt me emotionally,physically. That I will bear children in a world full of hate and distress. 
And that would be normal. 
That my heart would be broken again and again,
That I was to end up married to a man. 
That I have to wear dresses and heels and have my hair long and curled.
That only boys cut their hair and wear pants. 
Well fuck that. 
I'll tear the coloring book,rip every line they made and create my own abstract painting. 
I'll wear skirts and boots and have short hair without a care. 
I'll trust in my heart,and love girls and guys.
I'll wear pants and a suit saying fuck gender roles.
And I'll love my skin, my culture, my identity. I'll be valid in who I am. 
I'll marry who I want. 
I'll be the Prince, I'll be a super hero. 
I'll tell my children they make their own world,from the broken down ideas this society has given them and create steps to ascend to something more. 
I was born a girl,but I can be a boy,I can be both or neither.
I was born black. And I'm okay with that.
I like girls and guys. I will not lie. Because you're uncomfortable with that fact. 
I'm happily me. 
100% unique. 
I will shake the world,with the changes I make.
And I'll do it,without society pushing me to be fake. 
And when I bring my children into this world,and if they have a mother and a "father" whose a girl.
They'll learn no matter what, society says. 
It's okay to color outside the lines.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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