Just a 13-year-old little girl


As her mother and father sent her off to bed

Little did she know what came to led

A 13-year-old girl should be out playing with a friend

But instead this is her end

A marriage she never wanted

No say now she is haunted

She says no I will not go

Walking down the street slow

Acid drenched her beautiful head

She lied crying half dead

People stand and stare

She deserved it I swear

Just a 13-year-old little girl

Who desired to sing and twirl

She lies on the hospital bed dying

Machines hooked up trying

To keep her alive

All she can do now is strive

You see feminism is more

Than naked boobs to adore

It stands for this child

But this has to stop

No women deserves to drop

Their whole lives for a man

Especially when they have a plan

Fight for those who cannot

So they do not have to rot

In a life they must call their own







This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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