In My Belly


United States
41° 36' 10.9944" N, 87° 41' 33.4536" W

In my belly lies a body
A body that breathes
Every breath


A breath that yearns for life
A life that yearns to breathe

What kind of person will I be?

Taking a step back
A lack, of life I will never have
Is it worth it?
Take the sorrow with the pain
What is the gain, from letting this life breathe?

Enough is enough.
Taking matters into my own hands
The strands, of my hair begin to fall
The stress of it all, encompasses me
So deeply, that now
I can't even breathe.

I won't, I can't.
Take this tiny little breathe.
Away from this tiny little heartbeat.
The heat, of the heart against my belly.
Tells me, I am not ready.

I will keep this breath.
I will keep this life that yearns to breathe.
This breath that yearns to live.
I give, life.


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