The Power of Love

you see here theres so much to give with love

weather its trust, beauty, or knowledge, its all coming from the one above

you meet that man and you just really want to live

you meet that woman, and all you wanna do is give


out of the 7 billion in the sea, youre the only want i want to see

even if i see you for 5 minutes, i just want a hug

to have a healthy relationship, we both just want to make it work

'becasue I love you" is not enough

you want to prosper and grow, make it your worth

no cheating, no speeding, all i want is you to be happy

we grow and enlighten eachother thats how we will be together

we adults in this, lets not be wack, lets get on track, focus on that goal

dont worry we will make this happen,let snot make this crappy


in my end, ill help you even when we are friends, because i know 

i know youll do the same becasue youll say

"its Becasue I love you" 

wake up and know who you are, be better than him, be better than her, just do you

always know your worth, dont stay in that toxic, itll make you sick. \

Know who you are

youll be getting that "because i love you" and youll just forget


But "becasue i love you" cant cut it, just because weve been cheating, doesnt mean its okay. 

he hits you she hits you, its time to get out, alright no way

theyre both forgiven, this is always given its okay baby

"its because i love you"

she leaves you on read, he comes home late with some lipstick by his neck

she really thinking, do i really love this man? 

shes out and about, tells him, dont worry im out with the girls,

she comes home late, he knew she was on a date, with another man

they both talk, hey we need a break, but its just to hard to stay away

im sorry baby "its because i love you"


your partner is your partner in crime, you dont disrespect them, you shouldnt make them cry

you stay to prosper and live, to give you their all so dont ever let them fall.  

love is when you can just be with that one person and just never be bored

love is when you can confide in them, and youll know they got your back

love is when you know, that you can trust in them, when they are thousands of miles away

"Becasue i love you" sometimes wont cut it. you gotta do your part. you gotta want it you gotta find that way


you got to have ambition. We want to stay together thats the mission. 

youll be all about me, ill be all about you . Its so true. Dont you know why?

its because i love you.









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