Female Opression


United States
32° 56' 45.1572" N, 97° 16' 33.8736" W
United States
32° 56' 45.1572" N, 97° 16' 33.8736" W

Unequal pay,

Long hours durring the day,

Sexual harassment in the office,

Why do we deserve to be treated this way?

She doesn't work as hard as the others her they say,

Little do they know she's a single mom with 2 kids trying to make ends meet,

So why is she catching all of the heat?

And yet she still gets paid less,

What about political participation,

Only holding a small percentage of elected parliamentary seats,

When will it be our chance to run the nation?

What about the girls and women who can't even get an education

Yet there the ones with the power of procreation,

Feticide and infanticide,

Being told what to do with your body, 

"No you can't have an abortion, and you shouldn't have birth control either!"

"You're not allowed to be in control of your body neither",

We are born being accepted as less,

Some are forced into abusive marriages,

Thinking everything is there fault,

Because they're taught, to blame themselves. They are the lesser gender after all right?

I don't want to watch a girl grow up thinking she is to blame for everything that happens to her,

Beaten, raped, slut shamed, abused,

Brused, used and confused,

No one deserves that 

If it were up to me,

I would change the worlds society into the way it should be,




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