Mama I'm scared

Mama I'm scared
Not of the dark nor the monsters under the bed
I'm scared of the monsters in the buildings pulling strings like we're their puppets
Mama I'm scared
I'm scared for women who came before me
Women like me
For women who will come after me
Mama I'm scared
In an effort to make everything great again we have gone back in time
Mama I'm scared
I am no longer a human to people
I am property
Mama I'm scared
I'm scared that they see I'm property of my father
Property of my future husband
Property of theirs
Mama I'm scared
I'm property for them to do as they please
I'm property for them to control me as they please
Mama I'm scared
I will no longer have a say for my body
I will no longer have a voice for myself
Mama I'm scared
I could lose my life if not directly by their hands then by the papers they are passing
By the medicine they restrict
By the practices they abolish
By the way they dictate what my body wants and needs
Mama I'm scared.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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