Running from my storm.


I have suffered, I have felt my heart beat against my chest trying to escape its pain.

I have felt it's screams resonnating in my bones.

I've watched my loved ones walk away. They didnt see my tears.

What am i supposed to do when this strorm in my mind is rendering me speechless.

This oncoming storm holds my greatest fears, yet at the same time it holds everything I've ever wanted.

What have I've done?

I ran through the storm that holds me captive in it's arms. I have sreamed. I have cried. I have bled.

My captor. His sweet smile and His bitter venom. What am i supposed to do?

Love Him? Burn him from my memory? Or do i keep running head first into the storm?

I ran.

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Wow this is good but also very powerful. Don't be afraid to run away from the darkness. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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