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Asombrosa, eso es lo que tu amor es. No hay nadie como tú en el mundo, querida. Tu amor ardiente no tiene igual. Es incondicional, inolvidable e incomparable. .
<p>Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win</p> <p>As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a
Living life without a careDon't even worry about my hairHomesickness snakes throughout my skinBut every day is a win As a person, I have grownMore than I could ever have knownI have become braverEvery day I feel less a stranger I pass landscapes f
Is it possible that I do What you do To make me do What I do? I wonder.   Could anyone feel The way I feel
I know sometimes you feel like you don't deserve this that your core is nothing but a steaming pile of junk. And I know you feel like it's all your fault and you need to say sorry
they say we're all made from stardust built from atoms formed in a nebula trillions of years ago i think that perhaps the atoms forming you came from a cosmic wonder
A love, a memory, a habit, Eyes of lunar luminance and Fiery coldness- This is what I remember, This is what I know.   Urges to spend Unnecessary packages, bottles, and boxes
Light and dark Good and bad Happy and sad Sun and moon Ground and sky You and me What all do these have in common They are separate, But together they Make one functional system
Light and dark Good and bad Happy and sad Sun and moon Ground and sky You and me What all do these have in common They are separate, But together they Make one functional system
Dear Mom, I once wished for a motherwith lighter skin. I once wished for a mother who looked identical to me. I once wished fora different mother. I wished things I wish I didn’t mean. I thought your mother had to be identical figures. But that is
Laughter is all I hear. I hear the cruel whispers as I walk down the hall. I can hear you.   I can hear their silent voices, smirking at the girl who walks -
She touches the cool surface, the reflection of her hand a shadow of herself A suburb in Utah drifts light through the small window Have you seen the news today?  
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Catchy, cuddly, and cute. Have you considered its true meaning?   Just keep walking. Just keep walking. Not catchy, not cuddly, and not cute.
I lie in distant planes of a lost timeAnd my groans and sighs echo against the stones at my feet.For two waxen demons sit on my shoulderssAnd have grown too heavy for my frame.A wing made of wax cannot be folded;Neither can it bear the weight of I
What makes me smile? What makes me feel good? When I can run the mile, And do what I know I should.   It’s cuddling with my cat. It’s being all wrapped up. It’s when you’re so cozy that,
Before he got married he had five amazing doctrines of balancing the life between partner and children by applying these doctrines he would always dream of bringing up his children
My loving son When you were born dark clouds of desperation suddenly disappeared from my life for ever because god had sent you for this unique reason your innocent face and
i'll admit it.    sometimes it's hard to make me happy.    when my brain is working so hard to keep my spirits down pumping chemicals i know shouldn't be there
Have you ever found a book So amazing, so intense, so beautiful, That you forgot. You forgot the world, All pretense of Reality, Even yourself?
Years spent stuck in my old habits they're so hard to let go of Dents in these walls, loco enough to blow, but i got no motive So explosive they say i need a therapist, to attack my head like a terrorist
Authors are powerful peopleThere is no limit to what they can doThey have the power to make you ecstatically happyAnd make you have a heart attack, too
Is it the way the breeze feels on the skin On a hot day, when you just feel it within Is it a child's smile? So innocent and Undeniable Or is it something unmeasurable? Something that's naked and unable.
The beginning was harsh Lava everywhere and with no life form Thunderstorms braking out eveyday Tornadoes hitting the ground tearing up the lands Tsunamis covering the lands Hail dropping from the sky
It’s in the “thank you’s.” The “you’re welcome’s” and the “hello’s” and the “I miss you’s.” And telling them that “I miss you too.”   Goodbyes aren’t always sappy So if you catch me waving while I walk away
Sugary hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon Drives across the coarse sandy roads along the vibrant sea A hint of a smile on a special someone's face Aromas of cinnamon and eucalyptus wafting from my mother's candle  
Life. I have it. You have it. Is that not amazing? Inside of us is A beating heart, A strong pulse, A gentle breath, But what makes life, Incredibly surreal,
She opens her eyes slowly, feeling a warm, gentle, soft breeze brush against her face.
When in October the air was cold,  Leaves were falling because they were getting old, Some trees still had color they were standing strong, Daylight was little the darkness was long,
Look outside and become wide eyed At our expansive, majestic home From the moon who acts as a guide Down to the crashing waves’ foam
The ability of touch is AMAZING. In my eyes being able to feel the softness and roughness of an object is PRAISING. The extravagant foods are so TASTEFUL. 
She was peerless as she sat on that bench,  Much so that an agonizing gust of wind couldn't ruin her unblemished appearance. She didn't have to say a word, not one sound.
it's hard to be aware of the moving world around the whipping and rushing and tripping and gushing it's hard to stay with your feet on the ground   and it's much too easy to lose that footing
Immaculate, impeccable.
Who am I and who will I become,  to fall far from the family tree or be the last one?  Who will accept my failures and love my flaws? Everyone loves a girl who is always less flawed. 
In my eyes..  
Why am I so amazing?   I got blood through my veins and oxygen through my lungs. Yeah my body performs so many miracles.   Plus even then I have the capacity to form emotions and a
You Loyal, honest Teaching and helping Inspiring us all everyday Amazing
Lure them in with your evanescent gleam. Bind them into your eternal paradise. Throw their hypnotic nothings to the wind. Craft velvet wings from jewels.  Your primrose shimmer must never dull.
They help me when I struggle, They comfort me when I’m stressed, But most of all they put up with me, And for that they are the best. They pick me up when I have fallen, They cheer me on when I’m at my best,
BWintersfield- All credit goes to this person right here.
Beauty is more than what appeals to the eye It's more than a hairstyle, an outifit, or makeup Beauty is what lies within the body, mind, heart and soul It is not being a size zero and exposing your assets
  I have decided to take the leap and go off to college. Leaving behind my family, town, and friends of my current knowledge.   While off I will be free to explore, To discover the world once hidden beind closed doors.
Love Strong, wonderful Confusing, amusing, amazing A beautiful magical feeling Trust
In the beginning, there is frustration. Faith is weak, as you find no peace to keep diligent. In the beginning, there is exhaustion. Life is tearing at your priorities,
  Just and Tranquil             Subsist in light             Embraced in good morals             Intelligent unlike many             Strong willed
All of us are like flowers, we start out real slow. From a really small seed, we learn things as we grow. To be better than someone else is our focus rather than the flow. Everyone has their moment,
The merest of isolations With the purity of a newborn soul I glide through the woods,  sureptitiously, As I allow the innocent melodies,  to tickle my ears.   I allow myself to breathe,
Puzzle pieces fit in many different ways Some go this way, some go that way This world is one big puzzle, beautiful, and incomplete; Your edges are frayed And your corners are bent
The Love Song of Martha Alvarado “Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it.
Those cool summer nights Not a cloud in sight Catching fire flies The glisten in your eyesOut under moon lit skies Time sure flys bye On those summer nights 
You amaze me every day. And I still get butterflies when you call. I'm so happy to be your baby. I'd never think of leaving you at all. I haven't felt so free 'til I felt the love you've given me.
There is nothing we can do now. For we are in front of the silent crowd. The wind whistled and howled, as we stood still and proud. Until our name was called we stood nice and tall. Everyone would cheer, though it was hard to hear.
I love good haikus             They are an amazing art         Too bad this ones done                                                                                                                                                                  
Music is like a cell phone You can speak through it and send a message It does not matter what tone As long as it can manage   Music should not be used to just entertain Or be a tool to receive money
She is Tall Brilliant Gorgeous Funny Amazing I am Average She is A girl who, when she says "hello" her smile is genuine And it makes your heart pound in your chest
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Willingly time is not ending, Separated are the hallow gaps of evergreen trees, A thin line of mutual grace, at the face of an abandoned cliff. Stands the breath of a lone wolf, calling to the premature night sky, 
Poetry, when people think of poetry they think useless, hard to understand, and a waste of time. Poetry is really part of everyday life like music, commercials, etc Poetry gives me the sensation of amazement in people's ability
For powerFor lustFor selfForsakenForgotFor peaceFor loveFor othersForgivenFortuneForever
When you see light breaking through the trees; When you see hope among the distance leaves; When you see a smile that never fades; When you see stars in the darkest shades;
The algae, the moss, and the mud. While they could never understand the chemical reactions going on inside our heads, They remain ever accepting of our presence.
Looking around the world was like looking at a wound . So terrifing alot of pain , so awful that i could not look at it the second time.As a homeless child ,it was a disaster of life.
End of the day Beginning of the night Bird’s aerial north Neither misplacement nor mistake World at a firm Streets at allay Peaceful and scenic
How long shall I yearn for you, Amazing? So many uncountable days Spent watching your beautiful face, gazing, And my heart, in wonder, is set ablaze; Wanting you never brings me peace of mind,
How long shall I yearn for you, Amazing? So many uncountable days Spent watching your beautiful face, gazing, And my heart, in wonder, is set ablaze; Wanting you never brings me peace of mind,
  A sea foam cardigan covered her beautiful tan skin She approched me with no knowlege that I existed, So I made my presence known in an instant, 
                                                                                     A Dancers World                                                             
Remember our finger painting years You and me, You and I Friends... Sharing snacks and having slumbers PJ's and blankets Talking and sharing stories Remember that?
The morning comes and you're already on my mind. From the moment I wake up, 'til i got o sleep at night. You're so far, yet so close. I want to meet you, but im tremulous. At the thought of you near me...
Hate litters the street tripping cause the feats are too large packing people in clubs like clown cars traveling far on an illusive high trying to get by, leading to windows down
I will never understand why you died Yes I know the reason why Someone bullied you And said mean things about you But why did it affect you You are beautiful And you are smart
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