56° 7' 49.3176" N, 106° 20' 48.3756" W

Years spent stuck in my old habits they're so hard to let go of

Dents in these walls, loco enough to blow, but i got no motive

So explosive they say i need a therapist, to attack my head like a terrorist

I'm just a misunderstood lyricist spreading my wings,escaping my chrysalis 

Deemed villainous, just a little white devil named Nicholas

Who's spittin this flow about infectious as syphilis

That you got from some ho last night at the bar

Actin frivelous as that bro you won't make it far

Smashing into a tree drunk driving your car

Dad took me for a ride,wrecked, i got the scars to prove it

Maybe the head traumas what made me lucid in the first place

Minds racin like a mustang yall stuck at a turtle's pace




This poem is about: 
My family



nice bars


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