The Amazing Thing

It’s in the “thank you’s.”

The “you’re welcome’s” and the “hello’s” and the “I miss you’s.”

And telling them that “I miss you too.”


Goodbyes aren’t always sappy

So if you catch me waving while I walk away

I want you to smile and keep the wave going,

Like we’re at a football or baseball game

In the middle of the playoff race

And if you don’t put your spirit into your team,

Your teammates will drop like bombs

Away, away, away.


I’ve always loved the way a child smiles during Halloween.

When you give them the king sized Hershey and all they can say is “thank you”

And while they wave goodbye down your sidewalk

Another one takes their place.


Or during Thanksgiving when you ask someone what they’re thankful for

And they ramble on with a long list of iPhones and PlayStation 4’s

With you at the end, and the night comes and they wave goodbye as they climb into the van,

And later that night you send them that text

Telling them you’re thankful for them too.


It’s in the small things.

The everyday joy, the happiness of hearing that custom ringtone

Of telling your mom that you love her

Of finally beating that video game with your brother

That I find the most amazing thing we’re capable of: having one another. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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