It's a Hip-Hop Life


United States
42° 58' 54.894" N, 75° 58' 10.3692" W

Hate litters the street
tripping cause the feats are too large
packing people in clubs like clown cars
traveling far on an illusive high
trying to get by, leading to windows down
like drive bys, extravagant stay fly
with manifested alibis
wet droplets below their lovers eyes
don’t cry they say but they don’t mean it
state appointed layers, they already defeated
feel this, isn’t life slick
thinking they can start over like a movie flick
but with one flick they back to the same
melting their brain
their body in pain
fake smiles cover their faces
deep talk about how they’re gonna make it
but no one does shit
looking down at bleeding wrists
like a broken canvas
canvas the scene
rubber bands surrounding the green
a life of hip hop and rap
drugs and liquor
life’s not a game
quit turning the spinner
Russian roulette
burning through your last cigarette
nicotine your vignette
smoke on your breath
blood in your eyes
this is why the world whines
but who’s gonna hold it
comfort its body let it shine like showbiz
no one is that’s who
like the ocean where all turning blue
forget the nails people just wanna screw
we building without foundation
we hating without limitation
not realizing evil is a creation
that leads to a cremation
as ashes scatter the ground
walking on bodies that don’t make a sound
ripping out hearts until they no longer pound
cause all people care about is public perception
no ones real with themselves
cause society wont let them
like art we make something twisted and confusing
sins the needles we are all using
bruising around the spot were flesh and metal are infusing
judging each other we are all perusing
so yes life is sad and diluted
people killing yet killings saluted
why can you kill for your country but not kill for your brother
kill foreign civilians but not take revenge for your mother
why is it okay to shoot without understanding
to take bullets and throw them around like one of the Manning’s
brainwashing the youth talking of freedom
history about wars and the people that lead them
born on rebellion so rebellion will lead him
America wild just like a black stallion
but there is room for light always in life
let the bright end the strife
I speak nothing of race
cause we our all too slow to win
living in fear of mistake there is never time to grin
any fin becomes a shark, any sin becomes a mark
nails on a chalkboard keeps us awake
cause its time to wake up there’s a world to save
but now it waits
like a shark for the seals
like a car without wheels
like a beggar for meals
so seize it.


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