Beauty is more than what appeals to the eye

It's more than a hairstyle, an outifit, or makeup

Beauty is what lies within the body, mind, heart and soul

It is not being a size zero and exposing your assets

Some are lost in this world and they lose themselves trying to look how society says they should look

Oh how society is so very wrong

Magazines and television give off the image of perfect men and women

Our children of today see that and say, "I want to look like that."

They chase after the idea perfection

Perfection does not exist, only the idea of it does

True beauty and lies within yourself, not someone else

Everyone and everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it

A simple smile can spread happiness and beauty among many

A spirit that is pure, lively, lovely, and caring, joyous, gracious, sparkling and jolly is aperson who is beautiful

Don't let society manipulate you into thinking you have to be or look a certain way

Close your eyes and be who you're supposed to be because one's true self is the definition of BEAUTY



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