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You are right And I’m wrong Like a bad song I keep my lips tight And my face as long As I can all year long.
Her name was Bella, she liked this boy named Jack. Jacl was the popular Jock boy who had tons of fangirls. But Jack was kind, empathetic, sympathetic,  and helpful. Bella was the exact the same, but she was more of the silent type
It is a fact that not every lawful thing is morally right, Neither is every unlawful thing morally wrong   Something is essentially wrong with the laws of man Why should anybody respect biased, unjust laws?  
we're both drawn to extremes,   waltzing with opposites.   it's an awe-inspiring, complicated dance.   i've never learned the steps, yet i feel like i've known them my whole life.  
Oftentimes Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right But how does that happen how does that happen? It is not the acts that's Right or Wrong but perception of those who judge
I seemed to have stepped foot in the wrong directionThat put me on the wrong path. ​The world lights me on fire,I would put it out. The sun loses it's light,I found light in Jesus.
What hurts the most Are the kind of relationship Where you treat me right But in the end you leave me thinking  That I was wrong for believing that I finally found the one I´ll be with
Right may not be often too right Sometimes the wrong becomes the right Other times two rights in unison become not so right Here we have a Mr right who thinks might is right His right seems so riotous
I've Heard These Words ... Throughout My Life ... "TWO WRONGS Virge, DON'T Make A Right !"
Bang! Bang! The gun sang and the sound rang as he hangs His blood spilt inside of the house he had built Filled with guilt; you rapidly rose He turns a cyrstal pale and looks so frail
To understand a healthy relationship, you must understand a healthy self. Neither should you starve to death, nor should you stock junk food on the shelf.
Forgive me, For I have been Born a sin, A paradox of life and hate, A believer of fate, A tragedy that lies awake And charges forward without hesitate. A Whisper in the wind,
See I don't know what went all wrong i don't know if I did wrong? you confuse me with the cherry i thought I was a strawberry but I don't know what went all wrong? you chose to stay young
Hair. My hair is beautiful. I have the hair of a princess. Long and flowy, and shines in sun; perfect in every way  I deserve the hair of a princess. 100 brush strokes every night
Looking up at the stars feeling the grass on feet tears in eyes blood in the street. The wind is howling, the birds all scream, at the horrendous crimes that the media eats.
How do I describe this feeling? There are no words. No words. Words are scary. You might say the wrong thing. "No." "I like it." "This is me." "I'm fine." "Go away."
Reaching out And reaching out. Help the helpless But I am the helpless. Standing out is too much Blending in is too little.
Cold hearts can crack  warm hearts can burn  the dumb are often wisest  the outcasts are the kindest  the lonely are the most loving the rich are the most lonely  the smart are often clueless
Sometimes it is easier to smile, To tell everyone lies, Rather than the problems we hide. I know 'cause I've been there, In many ways I still am. So then why on earth do I participate
 As tall as the clouds to you, yet are small as a pencil to the world.  Smooth to the thought, yet rough to the touch. As Strong as a mountain to man, yet as weak as flower to nature. Shelters, yet destories.
I'm right, you're wrong. And I have every right to write that I'm right, because I'm not wrong
our life is filled with debauchery and decadence we start wanting to be held  and scream at our discontents.   gratitude becomes meaningless bouts of words and narssicism takes place
Dear sweet Philip I am the one to blame. A knife held close next to my shame.   Had you kept quiet So would’ve my blade...   Wait! I see a man,  
I look to the ground at my feet,avoiding the looks from society;I feel like a cheat;I’m overwhelmed from my anxiety;My flaws are showing.
Your eyes used to be so bright They looked straight forward Unnerving but more alive than all those around you, They used to look so colorful and awake   What changed you?   Was it the people?
"Communication is key",
People should aspire to be themselves Where did the masks get put on Where did this all start The root source will forever be unknown Why are we as humans continuing this tyranny All we have to do is 
They say most black teens don't live see to age twenty-one. We live by the gun so we die by it. These statistics I won't cosign with. They basic labeling me a vindictive idiot.
You wanna know why I'm biting my nails, or nawing at the string of my hoodie? You wanna know why my I'm quiet, and have a face on ready for killing? You wanna know why my jaw is clenched?
Are you listening? Because I don't think you heard. There's a boy crying in the corner, He's just been called a nerd. Are you listening? Because I know you didn't hear. That girl you called a loser,
Mahatma Gandhi once said, "An eye for an eye will make the world go blind."  As
He stands over me like the Chrysler building, tall and frightening. He speaks words of doubt, but I can't hear.
They come and go
It was that calm before a tempest blew through the town It was that stillness before a crack of lighning pierces the sky It was that silent bubble of air before you drown
Blind, Oblivious, Bastards     I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me     You speak loud words of nothing
She's been through so much, 
she got hurt when she was 5 when she fell. she was in her room alone,  pretending to be ruler of the skies  as she jumped off a cloud of comforters and pillows  onto a hard wooden floor where she slid and
We as blacks Grew up with the struggle of the nation on our backs Being told that the skin that is attached to our bodies are a curse to our soul We believe that being different makes us a queer in our "group"
I can't say one thing! Not one damn thing, without you criticizing me! Just shut up! You ask what I mean, I mean Im Fed Up! You push me for my 'own good',
Is it truly fun? To see them writhe in pain Your an awfully sick bastard What have you to gain? If i hurt you as you did to them Would you still be smiling And decide that it's okay
You call me ya nigga Well, check this out If I’m your nigga I can’t be your homie If I’m ya nigga I can’t be your man If I’m ya nigga I can’t even be your friend Not because I don’t want to
Wrong. A word we'd rather not hear. I'm not sure who constituted it. Who started it. Who decided what it was and wasn't, but it's here now.   Wrong.
In kindergarten they start teaching you about lines, you learn how a horizontal line is like the horizon,
A genuine lust of morning'sVoiceThere I slumber, and ponderAbout the tresspassers of the dayAnd the smell of the roses fill theCream cooled air of my mindWhile my arrival is very slow and timed
He walks into my room   An old friend of mine.   He holds something shiny.   "Hello Rae."    He spit my name like something dirty.  
So you wanna be gay, huh? Well I'm sorry fellow, but that just don't fly with me. You gotta be straight and man up. Show that God gave you some damn balls. You think you know what you feel?
I'm finally free, I wish you could see, What you mean to me. But now you are gone And I'm left all alone. But you could care less, You said "let it rest". I'm done with your games,
I would never refer to myself as a murderer Silence, except for the thrust of fists Nothing can calm either, not even a blissful kiss Yesterday's promises have faded to black
Every dog will have his day At least that is what they say But this often isn't true Those most deserving are neglected what they are due No good deed goes unrewarded
I do not have nine lives My wounds take time to heal They hurt and I have no pain medicine When I am abused, how do you think I feel?   I do not shed human tears But I do make noise from the pain
Look at me with those malicious voids you call eyes, Not truly eyes because you show no soul through them. My bum firmly planted in the chair of torture, you watch me slowly die.
Honestly, school is a place where we spend on average 7 hours sitting in a desk, wasting our time. Some days we work, some days we relax and watch movies. So what’s the need to sit in a prison we call school.
As I look back on my Life Everything all at once hits me If I tell this story, some would not believe That a girl like me with through so much From the Hurt and the pain To the lies and rain
They all know the truth about him, They see behind all of the lies he tells But her heart is so pure She is naive, she is in love. No one can change her mind, She loves in the dark.
He never hit me. But sometimes it felt like it. When you see someone punch a bed because of something you said or smash a windshield because of a fight you feel like you are to blame.  
  An old man in an old field, weary, beaten, broken Soft breaths so shallow, so deep, whispering words seldom spoken Eyes closed, fluttering, still Blind to the field and the night's cold chill.  
Why can’t you believe that I deserve it all? Is it because I am young, I am black? Because I’ve answered the call? You claim success is colorblind, that any can achieve,
When we were just kids,Playing outside with all the other demonsI used to hide in the shadows,Terrfied of what these demons thought of me.
I’m just a normal girl Like any other female you see But don’t take me too literal Cause I’m not the type to believe Believe in what you say The type of lies you unfold Because when it comes to love
WrongI wanna press the rewind button and bring you to a time of peace,I want you to see a time of joy and happiness and brotherhood,
dreary nights pass before mei lay in a bed of flowersi feel a nuisance to everyoneas Ive wonder what i ve done wrongi think of nothing severmy heart pounding in my chestracing as i contemplate
I once thought of you as my father Although your blood doesn't run through my veins That's what I claimed But then one day; Like glass shattering, something snapped in you You took advantage of me
The prisoners treated life as game Yet, surprised to be locked in rusty cells There's nobody except themselves to blame Harshly punished if anyone rebels
One quick fix Will fill the cell Yet who in this Will become well? A man is sick His brain is blind A lobotomy will clear his mind.
Small and vulnerable, she listened to you. You showed her, made her believe your love was true. She didn't ask for this.
The strength of the mind, So quiet, though so kind. Can the flower taste sugar, As the bee take away? It may seem that a way, but we just may not know it. So quiet, though so kind
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