One Injustice Deaf people go through

"Communication is key",

yet many Deaf children are sent to Oral schools,

where Sign Language is strickly forbidden,

they have to learn how to speak,

why? because Deafness is a Disability,

Lonliness and depression are common for those who are Deaf,

why? because people avoid them when all they want is for someone to understand them,

How can they communicate when all they know is how to move their lips,

to imitate words they don't know how to pronounce,

to be able to "fit" into a world dominated by Hearing people,

but even after learning how to read lips,

slowly and with much repetiton and concentration,

to make out a sentence of what was said,

please, tell me how they could communicate,

when that child goes home to hearing parents eager to make their child "normal",

without realising their means of "normal" is by depriving their child of the thing they need most,


Sign Language,

So that child can grow up and understand others,

that by moving their arms around and hands in a motion that may attract attention from others,

they can understand and respond intelligibly,

they can communicate,

"Communication is key"




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