Are You Listening?


Are you listening?

Because I don't think you heard.

There's a boy crying in the corner,

He's just been called a nerd.

Are you listening?

Because I know you didn't hear.

That girl you called a loser,

just shed another tear.

Are you listening?

For some reason your ears are shut.

That boy on his knees at his locker,

has just been punched in the gut.

Are you listening?

because it seems like you are deaf.

You've caused so much damage,

that only pain is left.

Are you listening?

There is pain all around.

Sometimes kept so quiet,

No solution can be found.

Are you listening,

Bullying needs to end.

Too many people are getting hurt,

They have no more strength to bend.

Just listen for a second

Even a minute, maybe two.

Who knows,

If you don't, next time it could you.



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